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Discover what sets Evan Designs apart from the competition with our list of LED lighting testimonials from customers. We have an extensive array of model building testimonials from creators from dozens of different applications. We pride ourselves on delivering quality solutions to our customers. Read the collection of Evan Designs reviews and testimonials to see how we can help you with your next project!

  • Hi!

    I wanted to reach out to you guys and thank you for combining my last two orders. I was going to ask that you do that, but I figured I was too late. I was my own stupid fault for not making sure I had everything I needed before placing the orders. You common sense and courtesy in the absence of my common sense is truly appreciated.

    Whenever anyone asks me where to any tryp of lighting for their trains or model kits, my first answer is ALWAYS Evan Designs. I always tell them you guys are the best in the business. Rest assured, that will not change.

    Too often, we, as customers are quick to reach out to yell and scream when you, as the seller makes a mistake. We, as customers, rarely reach out and express our appreciation to you for going the extra mile. That's not right! I know this is a small thing, but I hope it lets you know you are all truly appreciated.

    Thank you for always being there and for always being professional and reliable!

    I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend.

    Bob O'Brien
  • If there has been ever a chance to thank a company sincerely, it is now!

    Thank you so much for your kind and generous assistance recently. Not too long ago I had eye surgery and was sad by my inability to connect my lights properly for my recent project. Your kind staff went out of their way to connect my lights for me which helped me greatly.

    Thanks so much for your wonderful service and the great support staff with a heart!

    Don Anton
  • I just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know how awesome I think your company is. Everything I have ordered from you guys is top notch and I have never had anything that even looks like a minor issue with anything I have ever ordered from you guys. And I can't believe how fast you guys get the orders out! My last order got to me days before the model kits arrived from amazon!

    And thank you for the calls when I screw up on my orders and get mis-matching items, I think I'm getting better though, you guys didn't have to do that on my last order.
    I'm working on another order and I've turned my brother onto you guys. I did a UFO model for him using your blue 3MM solid lights and he loved it and wanted to know where I got them. I know we're not much but you have two loyal customers with us.

    Thanks you for the great products and service!

    Joe Drenning
  • I love your products which I’ve used recently in some model building. Wish I’d known about you earlier. I’ve even recommended you to my 50 yr old son who builds some different kinds of models. In addition, your service and your delivery is absolutely superb

    W.Kirt Nichols, MD, MHA

    Professor Emeritus of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

    W.Kirt Nichols
  • Ty, I have used so many and they all work VERY well. Much fun to use.

  • I love Evan designs love all their lights they are the only company I deal with... Just installed the Z lights in Han Solo Carbonite.

  • I have to say how highly impressed I am with the whole experience. The strobes are absolutely fantastic, the care of the instructions, packaging, and shipping is phenomenal. A lot of businesses could and should take a que from Evan Designs. A wrong item was shipped, accidentally, I emailed customer service, and the new piece was in the mail before I even read the response, which was professional and lovely. Again, I must say Absolutely fantastic.

  • Thank you all so much for helping me choose the correct power source and the phenomenal build quality of your LED's. It's even better than I imagined. I'll definitely be returning for future projects.

    Nicholas M.
  • nouvelle commande chez Evan Designs , réussite totale ! des produits de qualité , un envoi rapide ,Bravo ! la qualité des produits et du service font oublier les frais de douane !!! Je recommanderais bientôt !

  • Ladies and Gentlemen of Evan Designs,

    I am extremely pleased with your company.

    Your products are of high quality, your packaging is superb.

    The invoices are clear and easy to read.

    I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.

    I thank you very much for providing such excellent service!

    John Hicks
  • Hey, I just got my last shipment from you all today and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your company. You all have made my hobby of model building much more exciting! The fact that you have so many variations of lights, switches and pwr sources and great how too videos really helps take my models to the extreme, especially considering I can build “self contained” lighting systems and not have the model tied down to a base with a bulky pwr source. Again, just wanted to thank you and wish you happy holidays! Sean

    Sean Mooer
  • Model builder is work well on my new laptop which is running Windows 11. It's a great program

    Rene J
  • Excellent products and very easy to use. This was my first time incorporating LEDs into a build and I can't wait for opportunities to do so again. I was able to power six LEDs (3x3MM, 3x2-way sync) for about six hours using the AAA battery holder with switch and there's still power left.

    John Smith
  • You have an awesome company! New to the world of mini led’s. My questions were answers over the phone. After I placed my order a representative called to clarify my order and actually saved me money. Excellent service and prices! Very happy!

    Gary schone
  • Lighting up my Lego builds was so simple and had the subtlety I wanted. Great kits and service. I ordered more after seeing the quality. Thank you!

    Rhonda T
  • I had a rather unique project of lighting an old French Art Nouveau figural lamp, much smaller than usual. Originally designed to actually burn oil with a wick but then converted at some point without having small enough bulbs during that era. Well, LEDs were the answer and Evan Designs had exactly what I needed to wire up this lamp after 100 years. Just great people, very helpful and honest, very knowledgeable. I couldn't recommend them more. I worked with Shelly and she was very responsive and helpful.

    Christopher Bain
  • My millennium Falcon looks amazing. I try with fiber optic but it was too difficult so I just drill the holes the same size as the bulb and glued them came out amazing!!!

    Freddie Yakavich
  • I purchased a War of the Worlds war machine kit and wanted to light it, but I’m totally new to such things. Ordered four 5mm LED’s and a red breathing 3mm from this company, and in no time I had everything working perfectly. Great products!

  • I was very happy and super impressed with how my order was packaged and labeled - loved the attention to detail and care! Will definitely come back and was so glad to have skipped Amazon! Thanks so much - you had made my day and then some, and my projects turned out lovely!

  • Got my order in four days! Great product!! Meets all my needs and then some. But the best part is really awesome customer service!!! I will order again!

  • All Businesses should be run this way.

  • Fireplace kit works well. Building a Stained GlassBlacksmith Shop . Great Service, Product, and Support for a beginner to LEDs

  • Great product! Exactly what I was looking for! The best costumer service as questions we’re followed thru with. Wish I had mor projects to Oder again! Will do business again soon;)

    Bryan Youngman
  • The world would be a better place if all companies were like Evans. Quality, Fast Shipping, plenty of help and fast answers. In the beginning stages of setting up a Stained Glass Blacksmith shop I just made for train display..Can't wait to order again.
    Thanks to all.

  • I have been purchasing tiny light sources for long time. They do Amazing service. Easy to get in touch. I am Thankful for complimentary samples they sent me. All products purchased are great and works as described. I will be doing business with them in future.

  • The team here answered every question I had very quickly and once I placed my order shipping was fast! The quality of the LEDs is impressive, and for being so small the NANO LEDs are very bright. I will definitely be a returning customer in the future!

    Josh H
  • I'm making hollow easter eggs with tiny fantasy garden scenes inside. The LED kits with battery, switch, and chip LED are a quick, simple way to light the interior.
    i'm very impressed with Evan Designs efficiency, quick shipping, and product range.

    Mia McCroskey
  • Excellent service and shipping time was great. Love this place. Two thumbs up.

    David Gleisner
  • Amazing products and service. I place two orders several weeks apart. When I placed my second order, the items were not compatible with each other nor my original order. That was my mistake. While filling my order, a ED representative (I'm kicking myself for not remembering his name) called to check on my order. After a short conversation with him, he realized I had made the mistake, looked up my previous details to ensure compatibility, and changed my order to make sure everything would work as advertised...and it does! Top notch experience! I will definitely be ordering from ED again!

    Omar Ortiz
  • Great How to videos, thanks for all you do, you don't just sell lights, you help folks have FUN! Thank you

  • Firebox and marker lights and headlights! You make it FUN , thank you

  • Hello, thanks to the Evan design team! Prompt, works, fun video how-to... informative. Our little Lionel 8042 steam engine now has Fire ???? in the firebox, green marker lights and a bright headlight! You folks are helping us have FUN. Thank you, Scott

  • Thanks for your help. Your timer was just what I was looking for.

  • Hi I have just received my parcel from Evan designs and I only ordered it less than two weeks ago. It was a made to order item so wasn't on their shelves ready and it came from America to Australia in the middle of the pandemic with virtually no planes flying. Don't know how you achieved this but it is one of the reasons I go straight to you and don't bother looking anywhere else even here in Australia. You are the best, thank you. Joy

    Joy Engelson
  • Great kit, fun project.

    Frederick Fricker
  • Great website.
    My questions are answered very quickly.
    And the products are of high quality.
    I order from the Netherlands so I know it may take a little longer but I'm talking about it.
    Keep it up.

    Jeroen Waardenburg
  • I have never ever wired anything in my life, so I was a little worried when I ordered the light kit for my dollhouse. I was surprised at how easy it was and the lights are awesome. I have now purchased 3 light kits! Would recommend to get spools of extra wire if your doing a 1:12 scale dollhouse! Evans design gets 5+++++ stars from me!

    S Molvik
  • Called before I bought and the representative gave all the info and took his time with my questions grade A customer service and the light got to me very fast , exactly what I wanted and it's lighting a fire under my but to get my project started , thank you evan designs

  • Thanks the lights arrived today 27th May 2020
    I always purchase your lights when I want quality
    Thanks again from the land down under

    Lyn Dennis
  • I love Evan Designs products. They are high quality and reasonably priced. I'm very pleased!

    Sonia R.
  • Great Website! Great product! Adds realism and value to any model project. Be back for more.

    Ray Pagui
  • Shelley went above and beyond for me.
    I'm a guy new the the hobby , and mistakenly ordered the wrong adapters .... absolutely my fault. She went above and beyond for me by immediately shipping me out the correct adapters for my application . I have received the wrong ones and have sent them back.
    Customer service was top notch , and I look so forward to dealing with Evan Designs much more in the future.
    Great product... Great people.

  • Love the program, wish there was away to change the color on siding and stuff

  • Works perfect for Gundams! Simple to hook up! Great craftsmanship for such a low price!

    Damion Francis
  • Just received my order I am blown away of the reality. Of these LEDs they make my locomotives awesome, they light up the track. Just like real locomotives. I just ordered some more, IAM converting my entire livery over to led. Thank you ????

  • Received the green above LEDs in excellent working condition, I appreciated your comment about my request not to have the resistor attached but to include them seperate and that they are not required for a 3 volt operation.
    The reason I asked, and should have specified, to have the resistors seperate is that I was making "N" gauge stop lights and the resistors would not fit down a 2mm pipe so they needed to be seperate so I could attach them after the 3 sets of wires had been placed inside the pipes to maintain an equal glow on all the LEDs.
    But next time I will be more specific. Keep up the good work.

    Theo Van Horen
  • Fast dependable shipping and high quality products that provide solutions

    Gary B
  • Very pleased with my recent purchase of your LEDs and fiber optics. I used to build my own flasher units from discrete components but yours are smaller and the price is right! My flashers are directly wired to my 14.5 V DCC track thru wiper and are too bright for my HO observation cars. Rather than use paint to reduce brightness, I found a 4.6k resistor in series brought it down just right. Jim

    Jim Schaaf
  • I've seen their products used many times in a modelers videos that I watch so I gave them a try. Very happy with the quality of the products and the descriptions on the website we're very clear and understandable. I'll definitely be ordering more.

    Joe P.
  • Excellent company. Great customer service, a real person answers questions.

  • Great for 1/35 scale AFV

  • I needed a tiny, durable, battery-operated light that I could use to light a sculpture. This was a perfect solution! Please read more on my post about building the piece:

    I am so grateful to the Evan Designs staff who were available to answer my questions and help me create this piece!

    Teresa Bernadette
  • Just started using your products on the recommendation of a friend. So far, so good!

    Gary Nastase
  • I cant say how happy I am with the purchase but more importantly the service I received from these folks. In a time of world panic it was nice to see that there are still some great people out there doing great things for each other. Will buy here again.

    Robert B
  • A huge thanks to Shelly for helping me choose the correct items. I am so happy with your service! Super quick and very true to description. All of your videos and how-to suggestions were amazing!
    It absolutely made my project magical!

  • Great product and service!

  • great price and quick shipping; I will be a return customer!

  • Just what I was looking for. Shocked when I received it so quickly. Thank you!!

  • Eva designs is very easy to work with.

    Roy Mack
  • Fantastic products! Easy to use, easily adaptable to all applications, and inexpensive!

  • Simply the best I've ever worked with! Excellent performance and quality at unbeatable prices. The shipping is fast and affordable. Thank You for being there, I'll be returning often!

    Rich Ferraro
  • Love the Nano and Pico LEDs !! Tons of uses on a model railroad. Shipping was super fast and lower than expected. Will be buying a lot more.

  • Always a great experience.

    Thomas malek
  • Always a great experience.

    Thomas malek
  • Excellent easy to use product great service. THey even combine shipping on two orders that I made it the same day. The LEDs worked great for the smoke-box conversions that I made to my BLI B&O Mikado

    Jeff Burch
  • Great Productm Needed for large bridge

  • I love these Nano chip lights. Very powerful for such a tiny LED. Fast shipping and service. Always my go to for LED's and switches.

    Edmund Hernandez
  • I have bought a few of your flashing rear end beacons for my model S-Gauge box cars in the past. I installed your Slow Warning Flashers in my American Models Bay Window Cabooses. Your LEDS WORK GREAT !!

    Ernie Harbaugh
  • Ordered the lights and got there in just a few days, I am using them on my trains. I love them

  • After having installed maybe a half dozen nano size LEDs where I had to consider the anode and cathode and a correct resistor when wiring, these coming with a prewired inverter and resistor are immensely more convenient and time saving. I have installed them in tiny brass HOn3 locomotives and even in caboose marker and loco class lamps. I really like that now the bulb and leads are separated from the inverter-resistor because it makes the installation easier in situations where the wires need to be fed through multiple tiny holes.

    James Spencer
  • Quick feedback and service.

    Don Masso
  • First time ordering from Evan Designs. I was very surprised to receive my order, complete, in a short time after ordering. Especially, during the current health crisis. The needed parts were for my daughter's project for her first year of college. Since it's due in less than 2 weeks, I really appreciated receiving the parts so quickly! I will definitely purchase from Evan again!

    Arthur Martin
  • I purchased a pack of 5 leds of yours through Amazon (they are now out of them), and a battery clip (2) directly from Evans Design. It arrived a day early, and everything is working just fine.
    Other modelers have recommended Evans Design for lighting because you have made it so easy to do.

    Kevin Gibbons
  • I've bought from Evans about 3-4 times. Never had a problem, and speedy delivery. Keep up the great work, and you'll have a customer for life.

    Brian B
  • I purchased the product for my desktop PC and I cannot get it to work. It freezes up (does not respond) immediately upon launch. Not saying it's a problem with the software, as it does work on my laptop. Dave has been working with me to try and figure out the problem with it running on my desktop but so far nothing has worked. Other than the issue with my desktop, the software works well and is very versitile at designing buildings, signs, etc for your railroad in all scales.

    John Black
  • Fantastic lights! So realistic. Looks just like an arc welding machine! Also got the flashing warning lights. Just awesome. Fast shipping to Canada! So happy! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Howard from Canada
  • Worked super. Was my first time running lights but having the pre-soldered wires was a great example for me to see what to do.

  • Great set of led lights. Works perfectly for a model I am building. Recommend ++

  • Great lights i was in love ass soon as I plugged them into my cat.

  • I have made many purchases over the last year and found your service and product to be second to none. I have had to ask for advice on \
    several occasions and my questions were answered quickly and in
    a way that I could understand. .I will continue to make Evan Design my go to electronics supplier5..

    Terry Aycock
  • I am thrilled with the LED lights from evandesigns. Attached is a photo of an N scale bonfire in my winter village next to a skating pond. It has 2 orange and 2 yellow flickering 3mm LEDs. I have other lighting projects going as well. I can highly recommend evandesigns! They are great!!

    George Ruecktenwald
  • Worked perfectly for what I needed. Super simple to put the kit together and the tiny light and wires made setting it up in the Gundam head simple. Couldn't ask for an easier LED kit and will definitely be buying more

  • Evan designs had exactly what I needed and delivered promptly. Will be going back to see what other items that I'll probably need when I see them.

    Jerry Wilcox
  • I have been dealing with this company for over 10 years now and I can't say enough good things about them. Their service is great, they have the highest quality leds on the market today and they have great prices. They really are nice and helpful people to deal with and they stand behind their products.A+++

    David Rihl
  • Excellent service and follow up. Fast shipping. Nice selection.

  • Plug and play. Easy to assemble, perfect size. Used to illuminate a 1/2256 scale Ghost from Star Wars: Rebels. The model is clear resin from Shapeways and is about the size of a postage stamp. Max. I painted the whole ship then scraped the paint away from the cockpit, gun turrets, and engines. It's so small that it is difficult to get a good photo.

  • just starting out..but products arrived as ordered

    gary r
  • products arrived very quickly and was exactly what I needed for my Lionel PD pickup.

    Warren Engler
  • I have used many of their products for a few years. They are excellent! I highly recommend their products! Excellent customer service!

    Don Mitchell
  • Very nice products I have used them for years customer service is excellent

  • Prompt shipping and good packaging. Products came intact and working, for the desired voltage set-up! Great little lights.

    Kaizer Artisan Studio
  • Easy to get all the info I needed on their website to select the correct parts. The online purchase was quick and easy. I appreciated that my order was reviewed prior shipping to ensure compatibility of all items. My order was shipped right away and received in just a couple days. Packaged with care. The quality of the items is excellent. I will be back to purchase more. I highly recommend Evans

  • Tiny little led kits are perfect for models. Just what I needed. Great price and quick shipping. Will be ordering more in the future. Very happy.

    Daniel E
  • Great products!! Easy to work with and look great when finished. Thanks Evan designs!!!

    Ron Giunta
  • I ordered LEDs from Evan Design to put lights into one of my Lego sets. It was significantly cheaper than ordering off of a site that makes lights specifically for Lego. The lights were shipped quickly and easy to install.

    Mike Cribs
  • Great service, and my project turned out great thanks to Evans Designs

  • Perfect system. Saves me the time & headache of dealing with resistors. Fast delivery!

    L Wells
  • Only place to get your leds prompt efficient and most reasonably priced.No need to look any further superior product and service

    Joseph compton
  • Thank you. Mt package arrived in a very timely manner and it was absolutely perfect!!

    walter swarkowski
  • Very prompt service, reasonable prices. I'll order from them when I need these small lights in the future.

  • So easy to use, great advice given, and fast shipping! I love everything about this company and it's products!

  • Very happy with my purchases, very detailed packaging/instructions with everything too. Fast shipping and quality customer service !

    Ryan Monahan
  • Perfect for the NCC-1701-D hanging in my patio! Thank you.

    Scott F.
  • The light was not as bright as I thought it would be but other than that it worked perfectly.

  • Nice little lights! They work great on my On30 layout.

    Gary Nickerson
  • Great service! I ordered several items- one was in the wrong voltage and Evan Designs called me because one item seemed inconsistent with others I ordered.

    Jeff Herrmann
  • Super fast shipping. Great products. Will order again.

    D A
  • Great service. Prompt shipping. Personalized phone to adjust lights for project as needed.

    Joel Williamson
  • Purchased a couple various size LEDS to get an idea of the correct size I need. The quality of the LEDS and wiring exceeded my expectation! Will be back to purchase more!

    Brian F
  • Great products, even better customer service. They ship out and arrive quicker than expected. Highly recommended.

    Wes York
  • Great service and quick shipping. Will use again

    L Cramer
  • Great fast service!

    Ernie Shown
  • I had been looking for some LED lights for a small project and could not find something that was both affordable and could be delivered in a reasonable time. I asked the folks at Evan for a suggestion and Shelly responded to my email promptly and had a recommended solution that met both my cost and time constraints. The items were shipped promptly and worked perfectly. I am very pleased and would use them again for small project lighting solutions!

    X B Cox
  • Great products and much smaller then I had expected. Will look great in many of my prop projects

    Brandon Dale
  • Great transaction. Fast delivery.

    Bill S.
  • Fast shipping, easy to order, help available of needed, great proce and best of all, quality products.

    Mark C
  • Love the lights I got, great quality and customer service.

    Sue S
  • Great product, fast shipping

    tom t
  • EXCELLENT products! The leds look great, function as promised, and I really appreciate all the documentation included that walks one through the process of hooking everything up to a power source. Not having done much model lighting work, it's greatly appreciated.
    I spent a lot of time looking for a good source for led lighting for a number of upcoming projects, and I can honestly say I need look no further than Evan Designs. They've got EVERYTHING I need! :)

  • Excellent customer service, they answered my questions quickly and guided me to the right product for my projects. Delivery was very fast.

  • Great communication. They went over my order and found a mistake I made and notified me before the order shipped. Fantastic!!! Prices are great and everything arrived very quickly! Everything was packaged very nicely and labeled very clearly. I will definitely be placing more orders. Thank you!!!

    James Kresin
  • Great products, affordable, fast shipment. Great LEDs for cosplay.

  • Everything works great and the people are very nice,helpful thanks all

    Randy baker
  • I absolutely love the light kits from Evan Designs. Everything you need in one tiny package, and they're super easy to put together and use!

    Fogwaki Arts
  • had sent some questions on what to back to me just a few hours later...order came quickly and is in good order...good instructions too...will be future customer

  • I use these for my pinball mods.. Great product great people will always use!! Thanks .. Stay safe B healthy B Happy..

  • I model N-scale railroading and have made use of EvanDesign LED lamps extensively in laser-cut structures. I appreciate the size options (especially to tiny Picos, and the voltage range options. I'm able to use them in conjunction with the "Just Plug" dimmers from Woodland Scenics. Great, versatile products with lots of applications in model railroading.

    Glenn Wolfe
  • Great stuff

  • Loved the LED kit I got! Came with a battery, battery holder, switch, wires, LED, and instructions for how to get it up and running without any tools needed - it probably couldn't have been simpler.

  • they were perfect!!!! will order again when I need anything they have!!!

    craig b
  • Wish there was more for different buildings, right now I am limited! That's the reason 4 only 4 stars! Still learning what I can do with it yet!

    John Sortman
  • Made 48 lanterns for senior tradition at boarding school that has been cancelled due to Covid 19. The girls have all been sent home but now can light these from home. The Lantern Ceremony has taken place in the spring for over 100 years until now.
    These light kits were perfect!!!

    Heather Macdonald
  • Shelly and Dave are great and always ready to help find the perfect lighting or suggest new products like the breathing LEDs for my Call of the Wild Book Room kits. Shipments go out right away and keep my production rolling.

    Petworth Miniatures
  • Building a set of "secret" tunnels in the house for the kids and needed special lighting for the ambiance. Evan Design's website inspired me to try some ideas I hadn't thought of. Before they shipped the product, they called me to discuss technical details and discovered that I had ordered the wrong transformer, but he corrected the order on the spot. My project isn't quite ready to photograph yet, but I will upload some as soon as I am finished.

    Mike W
  • Great descriptions. Everything was received in a timely manner, was well labeled and came in good packaging. LED's have good output and are durable.

  • Great company and exceptional service. I received some parts for a project that I was new to and these parts made it incredibly easy! Everything came just as expected and packaged well. Shipping was timely and the price was very reasonable. Overall very pleased!

  • Purchased led for my Grandson 1/64 machine shed
    He loves it.
    Planning on building another shed for he and I will purchase another set.
    Super nice people to deal with

    Jim Olson
  • Super easy to order. Great how-to videos. Fast delivery.

    Lee Mortenson
  • I've bought products several times and have always been impressed with the quick response and quality of the items. I especially appreciate the pre-wired pico LED's, makes my lighting projects very doable.

    Dick Roberts
  • Many thanks for shipping the lighting items very quickly. I haven't done much with them yet but they will certainly fit the bill.

    John Maisey
  • I have always been impressed with the quality of the products, the wealth of information on the website and the personalized customer service include a phone call to make sure I really meant to order 5 watt chips instead of 3 watt ones...which I didn't realize I had done.

    Bob Haven
  • Awesome product, awesome price, awesome service. Excellent.

    Thomas M. Malafarina
  • Product as described. shipped quickly. Good overall customer experience.

  • Great products and super fast shipping. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to take their project to the next level.

  • Love your product have been using it for years and have great luck with it


    Harold Hanson
  • Awesome product. Super easy to use. Amazingly fast shipping. The only place i will buy from!!!


  • Arrived quick, package with product was tight and neat (well done) with helpful instructions and tips inside as well..

    Paul Royer
  • Love these little lights, they were in my project as soon as they arrived. They are perfect, and I will order again

    Michelle Lucca
  • Easy to get all the info I needed on their website to select the correct parts. The online purchase was quick and easy. I appreciated that my order was reviewed prior shipping to ensure compatability of all items. My order was shipped right away and received in just a couple days. Packaged with care. The quality of the items is excellent. I will be back to purchase more. I highly recommend Evans

  • Like always, the item arrived securely packaged and very quickly. Never been disappointed with the products or the customer service. When i need LEDs this is the first and only place i go.

  • I made a gift with this incredibly tiny brilliant light and the recipient was thrilled. Good stuff!

  • As before, Evan Designs carries the LEDs I need to enhance my model railroad. Each of the buildings I constructed and some passenger cars have been upgraded with LED lights. The layout looks way cool when I simulate nighttime running by dousing the house lights. Evan's website is easy to navigate, its prices are reasonable, and shipping is fast.

    Bill Tricarico
  • I had a TTrak module that I had a fire scene on using 14 Evans LEDs on the emergency vehicles. But I did not have fire in the building. I bought a 3D printed smoke plume on ebay and put your fire LEDS in side and put another set of fire LEDS into the building. The result is attached. The original module was as WOW with the 14 flashing LEDS, now with the addition of the smoke and fire LEDS it has moved to a OMG scene. Evans LEDs are so easy to use and the company is so easy to do business with, I will be a long customer. You have my permission to use the picture

    Steve Engelhardt
  • Was very happy with the fire LED. using it for a Boy Scout campfire on my train lay out and it looks great. Thanks

    William Faulk
  • Awesome customer service! Forgot to order the power source, but was able to quickly contact someone to add it to my order.

    John Day
  • I just wanted to say I got my order and I am thoroughly impressed by everything. The prices were amazing, the wiring and quality of craftsmanship in the LEDs are amazing. The way you packaged them was incredible. I've gotten electronics from many sources but you guys are by far the best. I will never shop anywhere else again! I'm using your little chip LEDs in some 1/72 scale models so I can share pictures of them when they're done! Stay safe and thanks for shipping these during this troubling time!

  • Everything to your usual high standard and all working OK. Even arrived a day early

    owen dunsire
  • Having used Evans before, I came back because it's quality merchandise, fast shipping & no nonsense.

    Christopher Wright
  • I ordered one of these a while back to use on my o scale train layout.It worked out so wellI ordered 2 more fire kits to add to my layout. Will continue to be a returning customer, Thanks!

    Gregg T
  • The best products, fast shipping. So glad I found this company.

    Greg Arsenault
  • Excellent products I've never been disappointed with their product or service. I remember one time I ordered lights and power source. They were 2 different voltages and they called me. to verify the order. What great service. I will keep coming back.

    John Souders
  • Evan Designs is my sole source for LED and related products. Their service is amazing including calling me about changing my order to not only improve my project but at less cost. They didn't need to do that but that's the way they do business. Amazing people.

  • Made first purchase recently. Very happy with product and service. They where quick with response to my question. When I forgot to put an item on the order and had to make a second order the next day, they combined the order and refunded the additional shipping without me even asking. Little things like that tell me that they put the customer's interest first. Thanks for the led's

    Mike Mooney
  • Great site, fast delivery, and excellent after delivery service. Will definitely return.

    Randy Harris
  • Used it for making a book nook. Perfect product! Easy to use!

  • This was just what I was looking for. Crazy project, great lights. Will be sure and order again.

    Kathy M.
  • OK - I'm a fist timer with all this stuff for my HO activit6ies. so far considering a few bumps in the tinny-tiny stuff I am really pleased with my results. I can see a great deal of flexibility in what I am trying to tinker with.
    25392 is my code

    Orville Pratt
  • Excellent service

    Jack Frost
  • Very fast delivery! I know now why Aztek Dummy endorses you!

    John Takacs
  • Super easy to set up and did exactly what i was looking for. Very happy with everything from the ordering process to the final product.

  • Great experience. Especially appreciated the customer service as well as the technical assistance. Highly recommending these guys to my train hobby friends.

    John Kane
  • Bought three of these to build campfires on my N Scale layout. Haven't completed yet, but they work great when tested. I also have the welder flash. Very pleased with the great products and service.

  • Fast shipping, quality products

    Bob Meeks
  • Can't wait to install, lights ordered for boat build arrived in a timely manner, products are high quality. Will definitely recommend and order again!

    Matthew Walthall
  • great job light work well

    bill albright
  • Perfect for my projects! Will keep coming to Evan Designs for all my miniature lighting needs.

    Susan Mattinson (Nasus Miniatures)
  • Every thing worked perfect. even used the actual connections


    Russ Meivin
  • I use this wire for all lighting in structures I build. It is compatible with the 28 gauge wire most manufacturers use for their lights.

    Model Structures
  • Excellent communication, very fast shipping. Will use again for other projects!

  • I have purchased a number of items over the years and the quality of Evan Designs' products are second to none. Zero defects!

    Michael Allicino
  • You guys are the best in the business. Great products, fast fast, fast shipping! I expect to buy more in the future for all my lighting needs! Thanks again!!!! :)

  • As always, great service and fast shipping! Quality poducts :)

  • Still waiting for delivery. Lost track of shipment in San Fransico on its way to Sweden about a week ago.

  • Such a great company to deal with. I love when I have a miniature class to teach that I can call and order what I need. And they will immediately take care of my needs. I get it in the mail in such a timely manner that I never have to worry. There products are user friendly and so easy to show my students how they can light up their miniature world.

  • Into model railroading, and always looking for ways to use your great products.

    Mike Phipps
  • Always happy with the LED's I receive, price is far and shipment is quick!

    Keith R. Karn
  • Nice product. I am using lights for the first time. Put them in a shadow box as over head lights for small painted busts. Just bought more for my wife to use as back lights for stain glass she is doing. Will definitely purchase them again from your company.

    Jim Antonoplos
  • Awesome job Guys hasstle free all set up ready to install Can,t wait to try more keep up the great work .

    Doug Roberts
  • Great product , love the kits , they made my love easier .


    joe petrucci
  • Everything I could ask for! I originally had no idea what to order, and I luckily got a call from them after I placed the order to talk through my mode project. After some very welcomed coaching the right products were selected that I needed. Shopped very fast! I will continue to evan for all my LED projects going forward! Can't recommend their customer service enough! They are outstanding!

  • Everything I could ask for! I originally had no idea what to order, and I luckily got a call from them after I placed the order to talk through my mode project. After some very welcomed coaching the right products were selected that I needed. Shopped very fast! I will continue to evan for all my LED projects going forward! Can't recommend their customer service enough! They are outstanding!

  • Everything I could ask for! I originally had no idea what to order, and I luckily got a call from them after I placed the order to talk through my mode project. After some very welcomed coaching the right products were selected that I needed. Shopped very fast! I will continue to evan for all my LED projects going forward! Can't recommend their customer service enough! They are outstanding!

  • Have been using these LED's for years, always work great.

    John Lester
  • Top-notch organization. Good communication, nice product selection. Will use again.

  • These l.e.d lights Really brought my Vegeta Bandai Pod to life everything was packaged neatly in individual labeled baggies with instructions on how to wire everything up I will come back for sure if I need more l.e.d or any accessories.

  • Looking forward to installing these leds on my project.

    Ray Lagrant
  • Evans designs lights work great. Have had some for 10 years

    michael j burke
  • "Couture LED" for models!
    chips with super thin wires!!!
    Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!

  • Outstanding customer service. Order arrived ahead of time and was exact in every regard. Look forward to doing business again!

  • Excellent customer service

    Brian Dent
  • Work great in my large scale RLM reflectors from Pastrut.

  • Phenomenal customer service, fast delivery and good pricing.

    Matt Rainis
  • I was so reluctant to try LED lighting for my current dollhouse but I couldn't find another solution that would be small enough and also wouldn't be too hot.
    EvansDesign was so patient and attentive dealing with me. It's rare to experience that level of customer service nowadays. I'm a forever customer. Thank you for helping me bring my vision to reality

    Michele Volonino
  • Do you still have 3mm blue flickering LED's? If so please provide stick number i need to order more.

    Wayne Spence
  • Lights were exactly what I needed
    Easy ordering process
    Highly recommend
    Speedy delivery

    David M
  • Excellent product, prompt delivery.

    marvin johnson
  • Great products, fast shipping, nice web site

  • Exactly what I needed for my projects. Great prices and fast shipping to Canada

    A. Buchanan
  • I have zero experience with miniature lighting or electronics and this was still so easy to assemble! Will definitely be buying more. Thank you!

  • Perfect no issues , bright gonna make my model look good

  • Used the LED's for special train customization and not only work good but look good.

    Edward Goldin (
  • These lights are amazing. They are a really good scaled version of actual lighting. They have surpassed my expectations. I used their power supply with 5 different sizes of lights (1.8mm, Mega, Chip, Nano and pico) and it is such a stable system and easy to figure out. I also got the master pack and am really glad I did. Easy to order and shipped as promised. Thanks guys!

    Jim Bartlett
  • This is my first time using these products and I found them great and easy to work with. Good fast service.

    John Loughnan
  • An awesome selection of unique products and accessories. My order was perfectly fulfilled and shipped to me in prompt order. I am a happy, repeat customer..

    Sam Casas
  • would have liked a little more technical info such as current capability and that the sensor wire can not be common with the lamp ground.

    chuck verbeke
  • I'm new to LED's and electronics. I found Evan Designs very helpfully and answering all my questions. Without their help and patients my projects would not have come out looking so good, the LED's were the perfect size and brightness. I love their videos on their products and instructions. That was a big plus for me. Of course I will be ordering again.

  • uno de mis modelos

  • They had just what I needed to add flickering lights inside acrylic dragon eggs I make. The effect is incredible.

    Brett E. Baker
  • Awesome customer service and great knowledge of their products. Products function flawlessly and are reasonably priced. ( I'm a customer for life)

    Stuart Diskin
  • Product was exactly as advertised, seemed reasonably priced, and shipped quickly. I definitely would do business with them again. Very satisfied.

    Scott K
  • Exactly as advertised, Fast delivery, Pleasure doing business with pros.

    James H
  • Thanks you for the very good service, I receive exactly what I want.
    Thanks again for calling me before shipping my order.

    Conrad Roy
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