Pre-Wired LEDs ready for 5-13 Volt DC Battery or Regulated DC Transformer

Solid LEDs for Battery - or Regulated Adapter
Solid LEDs for Battery - or Regulated Adapter
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These LEDs look great in your projects!

Building lighting, Diecast and RC Vehicle Lighting: for any place you need nice bright lights running on DC power.

These 100,000 hour Super Bright solid non-flashing LEDs come

  • Fully Assembled
  • with a dropping resistor already attached
  • and 8" of insulated wire
  • No Soldering or assembly needed

Connect these LEDs right to:

If you are going to use your own DC wall adapter, common adapters, or model train power supply, get our  
Universal LEDs.

==>Want a smaller battery? Get our 3 volt LEDs

Our Warm White LED closely matches the warm glow of incandescent lighting. Use warm white for building lighting and older style headlights. Cool White LEDs have cool cast, much like fluorescent lighting, modern car headlights, or daylight.
warm white and cool white comparison

Consider cool white LEDs for airport runway lighting, RC vehicle lights, race cars, police cars, and other cool super bright light needs.

Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! We have 25ft spools for only $3.00.

Contact Us for larger volume orders, or for special Set-ups to meet your project needs. We have in-house specialists, we may be able to help out!!

LED installation Tips

Our LEDs are Guaranteed to stay lit for 2 years with free replacement!

LED Gallery See examples of LEDs in use by our many customers!

General Questions about LED's? See if they are answered here!

"I will be ordering lights from you guys quite often. They're very easy to use and I love them. And they work perfect for what I'm doing with them."


"Just wanted to express my thanks to you for the fast processing and shipment of my order - impressive!
I was also impressed with the meticulous packaging; even though it was a small order, everything was nicely separated and labeled - I really appreciate it! I'll definitely be ordering from you again in the future! Thanks again."

==Tim, CO

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