Miniaturist 1:144 Lighting Set

Miniaturist Lighting Package
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1.8mm LEDs
Color: Warm White
Color: Cool White
Coin cell battery
Coin cell holder
LED wire Length

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Dollhouse Miniatures Special Sized Lighting Package!

Complete a lighting project, with this all in one package. These lights will look great in your miniatures, like your dollhouse build. Light can add so much to a project, try this kit today!

Light up your smaller dollhouse miniature projects and room boxes now!

Kit Contains

2 warm white
1.8mm LEDs with 8 inch wires,
the color of the warm white light is as seen in the pictures on this page
you have the option to add more lights, this kit can run up to 10 lights nice and bright.

a small coin cell / watch battery, about the size of a nickle, a little thicker

a coin cell holder with pre-attached mini-switch Holder/Switch Info: NEW! The red wire is 4 inches long. The black wire is 2 inches on either side of the push-on push-off button switch.

2 1-inch pieces of "EZ-shrink" shrink-tube for protecting your new connections

Connecting: You can do it!

  • connect the red leads from all of your LEDs to the red lead on the coin cell holder. Protect your connection with the included shrink tube.
  • Connect the black wires from all LEDs to the black wire on the coin cell holder. Protect your connection.
  • the included 3V coin battery slips right into the made-to-fit holder.
  • press the push-button switch once to turn the lights on or off.

Our shrink tubing is easy to shrink with simple heat sources like a lighter, hair drier, iron, embossing tool, or heat gun.

lighting for miniaturists
This lovely warm dollhouse kitchen is 1/4 scale and features one of our miniaturist lighting packets warm white 1.8mm LEDs in the light over the sink. Light really makes the scene come alive! See more pictures of miniaturist lighting projects sent to us by customers!


Questions about the product? We are happy to help!

"is the "mini-switch" for off and on? I just want to make sure it's easily turned on and off "
Yes, that sturdy little switch is what they call a "locking" switch. What that means: you press it once, the lights will stay on until you press it again to turn them off. Since a single coin cell can run 6 light for 12 hours, you can leave the lights on for hours and hours. The lights will not ever get hot, and they last 10 years!! So you will really have fun with them, just change out the coin cell every so often!
LEDs for miniatures

"Can this be shipped international?"
Yes! We are happy to ship this packet Internationally; we have already successfully sent packets to UK, CA, NZ, AU, NL, DE, MX, SP, and many many others.

"What if something breaks?"
This packet comes with a 2-year guarantee. Your lights will work for years from time of purchase. If something breaks during install, send it back to us, it will be replaced for free. In the years we have been selling these LEDs we have gotten less than a handful back. LEDs do not break easily

"What is the best way to bend these if I want them to shine down from a ceiling?"
We recommend stabilizing the dollouse light with pliers if you need to bend it.

"What if I want other colors?"
Order 3 volt LEDs here: 3 volt lights
and 3 volt coin cell with holder here: 3 volt coin cell holder with switch

"My question is not here?"
Contact us

More Questions about LEDs and your project? LED tips for Minis!

Customer Comments

"I have had a brief play with them and wow, I love them. It solves some lighting problems and has inspired new projects. I will certainly be buying more from you in the future. Thanks."


"Lights add so much to the scene and these LED ones are so much simpler than the old electrical class I took with 1:12 scale many years ago. The result of that class is that I just didn't light my scenes! I now have a totally different view of the ease of lighting! Many thanks for all you do for the mini groups!"

==Carol, WA

"Received [this] light kit from the MicroMini Convention...wish I'd known about them sooner! Wonderful."

==Peggy, SC

"I love the lighting that you are doing. It's amazing what it can add to a small scale house."


"I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lighting system!!"


"Thank you for sending the fantastic lights. They exceeded my expectations and are now in place in a toy stable I built for my daughter. I will no doubt be back to you for more in due course...thank you"

==Gavin, UK

"My lights arrived yesterday, thank you so much. That was really quick. ....These are the best lights anywhere. Can't get anything so good here in the UK."

==Heather, UK

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