Colored Flashing Mini String Lights

flashing colored light string
flashing colored light string
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Voltage & Length
Color: Multi Color
Color: Warm White

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These strings flash at a nice slow rate. There are 4 flash circuits, each runs one color. So if you watch, the reds will flash together, the blues will flash together, etc. When you first connect the string, all of the lights will flash together for the first 30 seconds or so. Then they will flash separately.


Each light is 1" (1.0) inch apart

colored lights for miniatures
3 Volt Strings come with:
  • AAA Battery holder to run 12 LED Strings
  • AA Battery holder to run 26 LED Strings

If you would like to run your string on a wall adapter, we have a 3 volt adapter that will run them perfectly on this page:   3 Volt Adapter for Strings

9-18 Volt Strings run on Your own power supply

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