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9 volt battery snap connector
9 volt battery snap connector 4 inch
9 volt battery snap connector with a connector
9 Volt Battery Snap & Micro Push Button Switch For LEDs
dimensions of 9 volt battery snap connector
9 volt battery snap connector in use

Battery Snap pre-connected to a Micro Push-button Switch

Wire Length
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An easy way to bring power to your 5-12 Volt LEDs and accessories.

The 1 Amp switch is a push-on, push-off switch. We have pre-connected the switch and battery strap, nothing left to do but connect your choice of LED lights.

Yes! It really is just that easy!
  • Twist the red leads on your lights with the red lead on this 12-inch battery snap.
  • Protect the connection with tape or shrink tube.
  • Then twist the black leads on your LEDs to the black lead on this snap. Again, protect the connection.
  • Optional: to make your connections even stronger you can use solder on the connection joints
  • Go! Snap on the 9 volt snap connector to any 9V DC battery.
  • Press the locking switch and have a light show!
  • Press again to turn it off.
And you can connect A LOT of LEDs to this sturdy system.
  • In our tests, 50 flashing LEDs shone nice and bright on a 9V battery for 4 1/2 hours.
  • 3 LEDs were bright for 36 hours.
  • If you are running less than 50 and more than 3, your run time per battery will be in the range between those low and high numbers.

The battery snap with a switch can handle solid and flashing LEDs. There is no carryover flash. Up to 50 LEDs flashing, solid or both can run on one 9-volt battery.

If you need more control, consider the battery snap with TWO switches! This double switch is great to individually control two different items, like a siren plus lights, or lights on different parts of a model or lights on different floors of a roombox. Refer to the diagram.
  • 12-inch red wire
  • 3.75 inch to the split
  • each split has 4 inches to the switches
  • 4 inches free after the switches.

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