3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 volt LEDs all sizes
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs

3-Volt Mini LED Lights - Flashing

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Flashing Bulb LEDs are a great addition to any hobby project. Available in 3 sizes; 5mm, 3mm, and 1.8mm for application in a large range of hobby projects. Our flashing Bulbs are available in many colors, and even in bi-color flashing.  We have 2 color LEDs, red/blue flashing in a single bulb as well as red/white and blue/white. With 2 color bulbs each bulb alternates between the 2 colors inside of the one bulb!

All Evan Designs LEDs come pre-wired with 8 inches of insulated wire and the correct resistors making them ready for a fast and easy install. In addition to them being tested in house for consistent quality, all of our LEDs come Guaranteed with a 2-year warranty to let you model worry-free. 

We have these LEDs in several voltages, so you can get the right voltage for your project!
9V Flashing LEDs flashing-leds-for-battery-square 18V Flashing LEDs universalLEDsmirror

Flash Rates 

At Evan Designs we offer a variety of different flash rates to fit different projects. These 3 volt flashing bulbs are available in.

Powering 3 Volt LEDs

These are 3V LEDs, 3 volt LEDs can only be used on 3-volt power. The 3-volt power options offered to go with these lights by Evan Designs are: 

Resistors: At 3 volts, resistors are sometimes used on the Red, Yellow, Orange, and some of the Green LEDs depending on the mix of colors you choose.

3 Volt Flashing Bulb Lights

  • Do not use a 9 volt battery with these 3 volt lights.
    Even if you plan to use several 3 volt LEDs together they will be destroyed by a 9 volt battery. These LEDs can only be used on a 3 volt power source 
  • If you need LEDs for a 9 volt /12 volt battery, we have them here: LEDs for 9 volt battery

Running Solid and Flashing LEDs Together on a Coin Cell Battery?

  • Solid and Flashing LEDs can NOT be run on the same coin cell battery as the flash will “carryover” and cause any solid LEDs to flicker along
  • Solid and flash can run together happily with bigger batteries.  Consider the AA holder/switch it has no carryover.

Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! Add extra wire to your LEDs with 25ft spools at just $3.00. 

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

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