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We have Flashing Bulb LEDs for Your Creative Endeavors!
When it comes to infusing a touch of captivating illumination into your hobby projects, look no further than our LED Flasher Bulbs. Elevate your creative ventures to new heights. Available in three sizes—5mm, 3mm, and 1.8mm—these LED flashers cater to a wide spectrum of hobby applications, making them a great asset in your toolkit.
Our Flashing Bulbs are offered in a myriad of vibrant colors, and for those who crave a dash of dynamism, we present the intriguing bi-color flashing option. Our inventory includes 2-color LEDs, such as the fast red/blue combination or the cool red/white and blue/white varieties. These are single bulbs that alternate between two colors, bringing a great mix of colors to your projects.

All Evan Designs LEDs including these LED flashers come pre-wired with 8 inches of insulated wire and the correct resistors making them ready for a fast and easy install. In addition to them being tested in-house for consistent quality, all of our LEDs come Guaranteed with a 2-year warranty to let you model worry-free. 

Flash Rates

fast flashFast Flash: 2.5 flashes per second.

normal flash Normal Flash: 1.25 flashes per second.

slow flash Slow Flash: 1 second On, 1 second Off, available on our Slow Flash Bulb Page

strobe Strobe Flash: quick strobe with 1.5 second pause, available on our Quick Strobe Page

Powering Your 3 Volt LEDs

These are 3V LEDs, 3 volt LEDs can only be used on 3-volt power. The 3-volt power options offered to go with these lights by Evan Designs are:

Resistors: At 3 volts, resistors are sometimes used on the Red, Yellow, Orange, and some of the Green LEDs depending on the mix of colors you choose.

We have these LEDs in several voltages, so you can get the right voltage for your project!
5-12V Flashing LEDs flashing-leds-for-battery-square
7-19V Flashing LEDs universalLEDsmirror

3 Volt Flashing Bulb Lights

  • Do not use a 9 volt battery with these 3 volt lights.
    Even if you plan to use several 3 volt LEDs together they will be destroyed by a 9 volt battery. These LEDs can only be used on a 3 volt power source 
  • If you need LEDs for a 9 volt /12 volt battery, we have them here: LEDs for 9 volt battery

Running Solid and Flashing LEDs Together on a Coin Cell Battery?

  • Solid and Flashing LEDs can NOT be run on the same coin cell battery as the flash will “carryover” and cause any solid LEDs to flicker along
  • Solid and flash can run together happily with bigger batteries.  Consider the AA holder/switch it has no carryover.

Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! Add extra wire to your LEDs with 25ft spools at just $3.00. 

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

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