Fire LED Lights & Kits for Models

Fire LED Kit

Fire LED Lights & Kits for Models

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Great Fire! Very Easy to use, guaranteed!

Run on track power, wall adapter, battery

Add a fire to your Model Train Layout, to your Fireman or Police Diorama, or your Dollhouse Fireplace or patio. Nothing to assemble, you just provide the power, have a fire model!

The Fire Kit is a combination of 3 LEDs: a flashing red, a flashing orange and a solid orange. The secret to the fire effect is the different flash rates giving a random effect. You get a ready-to-use pack of 3 LEDs, battery not included.

What Size Fire is Best?? To make a campfire, trash fire in a barrel, small brush fire, or other small fire, we suggest the pico or 1.8mm fire option, since the bulbs are easier to hide under scenery. Read about how we make a fire scene

Use the 1.8mmmm AC/DCC option for a great addition to the Firebox in your steam locomotives also.

For larger scale fireplace fires, or building fires we like to use the 5mm Fire Kit. For structure fires, where a whole floor or more of the building is engulfed in flames

  • we use 2 or even 4 packs of the 5mm Fires to get things really looking lively!
  • Also, line the inside of your building with Aluminum Foil (where the foil cannot be seen from the outside) to help throw the light around even more!

These Fire Kits are ready for either 3 Volt DC, 5-12 Volt DC battery or regulated adapter, or 7-19 Volt AC/DCC/DC operation.

Campfire video from Bill, in a slotcar layout.
 We now have a Blacksmith Sound Effect!  Click to  check out or Blacksmith Sounds Circuit

Which Fire Set up is Best for Me?

DC Fire LED Kit

To use these lights with a 9 Volt battery, get the option with the 9 volt battery snap. You can run 10 or more fires on one 9 volt battery, so you only need 1 battery snap switch even if you want to have several fires in your scene.

A 9V battery powers 3 lights for about 40 hours, then you need to start with a fresh battery.

For a more permanent hook-up, you can run these lights with our regulated 12V DC wall adapter
Or connect these lights to your own regulated adapter.

AC Fire LED Kit

Model Railroaders and Miniaturist, you can easily use an existing power source such as:

  • your 7-19 volt AC or DC track or Accessory power
  • DCC track Power
  • AC/DC train accessory outlet
  • or Dolls house AC or DC adapter.

You will need this AC/DC Fire Pack for use with any type of Train or existing Doll's House Transformer.


Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! We have 25ft spools for only $3.00

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Who Uses Our Fire Kit?

  • The Greeley Freight Station Museum
  • The United States Airforce
  • National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts (NAME)
  • Professional Layout Builders
  • Professional Photographers

Get your fire today!

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