Gundam Model LED Lighting

Bring Your Gundam Model to Life with Gunpla LED Lighting

Gundam models have been around in Japan since the 80s, but they gained immense popularity in the U.S. during the 90s anime boom. For many hobbyists, there's no experience like building a Gundam model (or Gunpla) kit — you get to bring mecha battles to life and craft your favorite Mobile Suits by hand. What could be better? Adding Gundam LED lighting, of course. Whether you have a High Grade (HG) or Master Grade (MG) Gundam kit, LEDs will make it pop, giving you a perfect piece for your shelf or display. Even exquisite Real Grade (RG) and Perfect Grade (PG) models look better with the right Gunpla LED unit! Luckily, there are plenty of hobby LEDs on the market to give you exactly what you need without paying expensive import prices on LED products.

The Gunpla LED Basics

First of all, you should consider the grade of the Gundam model you're working with in terms of both size and out-of-the-box detail. For instance, an HG Gundam model kit that's 1/144 scale will need different LEDs than a 1/100 scale MG Gundam kit, though the MG Gundam will have more detail and mechanics. You can check out our MG Gundam Barbatos Lighting Kit listed above for an excellent example. If you need a Unicorn Gundam LED unit, be prepared to get something rather extravagant considering the extensive lighting required for screen accuracy. When you add an LED, Gundam models just look better. And while you can buy an official Gundam LED unit, and certain PG and MG Gundam kits come with them, every hobbyist knows that these products come with inflated Japanese import costs. Buying aftermarket Gundam model parts will almost always save you money. Just make sure to check for Gunpla LED unit compatibility.

How Do You Install a Gundam LED Kit?

Consider this your brief Gundam LED tutorial. While this list is not exhaustive, you'll want to keep the following in mind:

  1. Gather the necessary materials, including your Gundam model itself, your Gunpla LED unit, paint/primer, a hobby knife, a file, super glue, a Dremel and bit, and a Gundam LED unit battery — have some Gundam model replacement parts on hand in case you make a mistake.
  2. Choose a spot for your LEDs, and make room using your tools — painting the interior of your Gunpla black will help prevent light from bleeding through.
  3. Install your Gundam LED unit using glue to position it, and test the lights!

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