LED Flickering light kit, easy and complete
LED Flickering Light Kit
Our tiny LED flickering light circuit
our coin cell holder comes in the flicker kit
led flickering light chip size
led flickering light nano size
Pico size LED
connect your lights to a battery, make a circuit!

Mini Flicker Kit for your flickering Projects

Number of LEDs
LED Color
Wire Length
Size of the LEDs
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Our popular Chip Light Kit is now available with Flickering LEDs!

Enhance your miniature projects with our all-in-one light package.

Our Flickering Light Kit Contains

chip nano pico

Flickering LED Light in your choice of 3 sizes and 8 colors with 8" or 14" wire leads, providing flexibility for your lighting setup.


Small coin cell/button battery/watch battery, about the size of a nickel, a little thicker.

coin holder 4inch with switch

Coin Holder with Switch: We've included a convenient coin cell holder with a pre-attached mini-switch. The black wire spans 4 inches in length, while the red wire extends 2 inches on either side of the push-on push-off button switch.

shrink tube mini kit

Two 1-inch pieces of "EZ-shrink" shrink-tube to protect the wire connections between the LEDs and the coin cell holder. Our shrink tubing is easy to shrink with simple heat sources like a lighter, hair drier, iron, embossing tool, or heat gun.

If you want a mix of Flickering LED Light colors or sizes, you can now enter your colors/sizes in the text box for "Custom Color". We'll ensure your kit is customized to your preferences!

Wiring Diagram

Chip LED Circuit


Choose from 3 sizes of our popular chip style LEDs for this flickering LED. These LEDs have a great light spread, better than the 3mm and 5mm bulb style LEDs, and produce a lot of light for their size!
The Chip size is almost as bright as our 1.8mm LED, and great for larger scale models, or to light up larger areas in smaller models.
The Nano LEDs are about half the size as the Chip size, and great for lanterns, small fires, and light fixtures for medium to large scales.
The Pico LEDs are about half the size of the Nano size, and great for the smallest scales and even tiny candles.

Flicker circuit on our Chip style LEDs

 **For these little lights to flicker, we add a small flicker circuit to the wire, far away from the bulb.  It may help to know that this circuit is there so you can plan around it!




Contact us if you have questions about this kit.  We are happy to help!

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