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1-888-764-2610 M-F 10:00a-7:00p EST

International: 01-303-410-1118



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Evan Designs
PO Box 537
Laporte, CO 80535

About Evan Designs

Our customer value-driven philosophy is to provide the best shopping experience through our online store and extend it to each customer by offering the best possible selection of highest quality products anywhere.
We have been developing software for modelers since 1997. In-house product development and close contact with our customers enables us to produce effective, fun, and easy-to-use modeling software.
We have been testing and refining LED uses since 2006 and work very hard to assure our quality is the best on the Market. In almost 5 years of offering our 2-year guarantee, we have gotten very few replacement requests.
If you have any questions about our store or products, please Contact Us.


Our Mission

We take pride in our quality products for modelers. We strive every day to provide top quality products and outstanding customer service. We want our customers to be happy. So shop with confidence! And have more fun with your layout!
We plan to continue expanding our product offerings, so we appreciate input and suggestions from you, our customers who love modeling.
Call, contact, or email us to get answers, place an order, or make a suggestion.

David Jamison Owner Lead programmer, with over 20 years programming experience, Dave holds a Mechanical Engineering degree. Dave has an active interest in hobbies and education, skiing and the outdoors.

Shelly Jamison Owner Lead product development and testing, with a background in data collection and compilation, and 20 years laboratory technician. Shelly has an active interest in LEDs, science.