LEDs for Sci Fi Lighting

Why You Should Add Sci Fi Lighting to Your Projects

When it comes to building dioramas, scale models and other fun intergalactic replicas, using additional accessories can amplify your hobby's experience and turn your living space into your own private galaxy. One way to do this is by adding tiny LED bulbs to your creations to display bright sci fi lights. By utilizing these miniature components, your scifi model spaceships and stations will shine through the great unknown, radiating intense reds, cool blues, sleek greens and other awesome colors. Whether you're a fan of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Gundam or any other science fiction property, our scifi hobby lights are made with superior quality and careful attention-to-detail to capture the true essence of your favorite science fiction adventures.

How to Choose LEDs for Sci Fi Lights

Picking out LEDs for your scifi hobby can be both exciting and potentially overwhelming. Not only do you want to have bulbs that look the most realistic with specific parts and areas of your model or diorama, but you must choose the correct size of LEDs for science fiction lighting (or any other hobby, for that matter). Fortunately, Evan Designs offers an assortment of hobby LEDs in sizes ranging from 1.8mm to 5mm. We also carry sci fi model lighting kits with carefully selected bulbs to help streamline the process of your project, such as our Master Grade Barbatos Gundam Lighting Kit. No matter what you build, you'll always want to think about the size of the bulbs, first and foremost.

Other Things to Consider With Scifi Lighting

Unfortunately, size isn't the only factor in determining which LEDs are best for sci fi lights. Don't get us wrong — it will be the highest priority because your scifi model is set at one specific size. However, you'll need to consider the following three aspects, as well:

  1. Are you using 5-12 volt or 3 volt?
  2. Are you using a dedicated battery for LEDs or retail batteries (AA, AAA or 9V)
  3. Will your LEDs be run on a circuit board?

Purchase High-Quality LEDs for Sci Fi Lighting

If you're ready to beam up your project, it's time to consider making adjustments to your sci fi lighting with powerful LEDs from Evan Designs. For nearly 15 years, we have specialized in creating one-of-a-kind LEDs for hobbies that include police cars, model trains and captivating dioramas. You won't find better sci lighting solutions elsewhere. Order today!