Working Diecast Police Lights & Sirens

    Police Car Siren with 9 volt battery snap with on/off switch
    Realistic Police Car Siren For Diecast Vehicles
    from $18.99
    Siren for your Ecto Diecast
    from $16.00
    Color: Red Color: Yellow Color: Green Color: Blue
    Knight Rider LED Light Circuit
    from $15.00
    Police LED Lights for HO 1:87 Scale - car not included
    Colors: Red-Blue Colors: Red-Red Colors: Blue-Blue
    Police LED Lights for HO 1:87 Scale
    from $18.00
    Headlight Color: Cool White Headlight Color: Warm White
    LED Lights For Diecast & Slot Cars
    from $8.00
    Thunder for your Miniature Storm Scenes
    from $16.00
    Knight Rider LED Light Circuit with chip size LEDs in red, warm white and yellow.
    Color: Red Color: Warm White Color: Yellow Color: Cool White +1
    LED Alternator Circuit
    from $16.99
    WigWag Headlights  Emergency Vehicle
    Wig Wag Alternator Circuit For Headlights & Taillights On Diecast Cars
    from $16.99
    1:18 Undercover Crown Vic Lights
    Great light and siren kit for diecast police vehicles
    1:18 Undercover Crown Vic or SUV Lights
    Sale price $48.00 Regular price $54.00
    Fire Truck Siren for your Diecast
    Fire Truck Siren  and switch
    Fire Truck Siren for your Diecast
    from $16.00
    Foghorn Siren with speaker and switch
    Foghorn Siren
    from $16.00
    Cool White Warm White Red Blue +4
    Quick Burst Strobe Flash
    from $5.85
    Blacksmith in action
    Blacksmith Audio Circuit
    from $15.00
    The fully assembled Red Alert siren with a standard speaker with attached on/off switch.
    Red Alert Siren
    from $15.00
    Sound of a Geiger Counter for your dioramas!
    from $16.00
    9 Volt Battery Snap & Micro Push Button Switch For LEDs
    from $2.75

    No diecast police car is complete without the lights and signature sound of the police siren! We have what you need to light and add sound to your fire truck, police car, and other diecast models. With lighting options that range from mega to mini to tiny, as well as unique and realistic sirens, you can pair your lights and sound accessories with power supplies and switches that fit your project needs. Our discrete wiring options allow you to hide wires and batteries to give your model the most authentic look possible. Evan Designs’ lights and sirens are easy to install. All of our lights come pre-wired, so all you need is a power source and some shrink tube to assemble and install your lighting setup.

    For police cars

    Evan Designs LED police lights come in sizes for scales 1:18 through 1:87, with custom sizing available upon request. Our police siren also comes in different sizes, with each larger size producing even more sound. Our loudest siren is made for large-scale RC scales and is VERY loud! The undercover Crown Victoria kit includes the lights, siren, and power source to upgrade your 1:18 scale Crown Vic model. The wig-wag and alternator circuits will round out the look of any diecast police car. These circuits come pre-wired to the appropriate LEDs in different sizes and voltages. Our rotator circuit is the perfect solution for the challenge of lighting old-fashioned models.

    For fire trucks:

    Our model fire truck siren is impressively loud for its size and comes in 2 different voltages: 9-12 volt DC and 12-18 volt AC. Flashing LEDs in various wire lengths, sizes, and styles allow you to fully customize your fire engine and create a stunning finished product.

    For Ecto 1:

    Our most unique product is the Ghostbuster Ecto Siren. This product perfectly mimics the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 from the classic sci-fi comedy series.
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