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Timer for LEDs

Timer for LEDs
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This tiny on/off timer is great for having your projects turn on and off at a set time.  The circuit is 6 hours on, 18 hours off.

It is 3-volt input and 3-volt output.  It can run up to 10 of our 3-volt LEDs. You can connect the timer to our coin cell holder, or AAA holder, or AA holder or our 3 volt regulated adapter.

The timer measures as shown

  We have wired this little timer with 8" input wires and 4"output wires so you can tell which side goes to power and which side goes to your lights.  You can shorten any of the wires, but just be sure to carefully mark the input and output so that you are very sure to  connect the correct side to power.

The timer will start counting the 6 hours as soon as it is connected to power, and turn off exactly 6 hours later.  So if for example you would like your lights to turn on mid afternoon and turn off at nighttime, be sure to connect to turn on the power at that time.