3 Volt Timer For Leds
Size of the timer circuit for 3 volt LEDs

Timer for 3 Volt LEDs

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This tiny on/off timer is great for turning your projects on and off at a set time. The circuit is 6 hours on, 18 hours off.

This timer can be used for any LEDs or other accessory that runs on 2V - 4.5V. It can run up to 10 of our 3-volt LEDs. You can connect the timer to our coin cell holder, AAA holder, AA holder, or our 3-volt regulated adapter.

The voltage going in will be the same as the voltage going out to the LEDs or other devices.

We have wired this little timer with 8" input wires and 4" output wires so you can tell which side goes to power and which side goes to your lights. You can shorten any of the wires, but just be sure to carefully mark the input and output so that you are very sure to connect the correct side to power.

The timer will start counting the 6 hours as soon as it is connected to power, and turn off exactly 6 hours later. So, if for example, you would like your lights to turn on mid-afternoon and turn off at nighttime, be sure to connect to turn on the power at mid-afternoon for our example.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Blair Harro
6 Hour timer and Remote control

Devices worked as expected. Easy to implement.
Small compact size.

Tiny Timer

Nice small timer that is easy to use with a project.
Along with great customer support.

Barry Geyer
3 volt timer

Was a hard to find item but easy to find once I found this site. Had a battery powered item that I didn't want to babysit turning it on and off every day. Easy to hook up. Works great. No issues.

Matt Plonski
Works Great!

I had a Christmas ornament that had a LED light. You put in 3 LR44 batteries, turn it on, and it lights up. It runs for about 2 days and then is so faint that it doesn't show. I ordered one of these circuits, popped the bottom off of the ornament, stuck in the circuit, and it works like a charm! I am really happy that it worked so well! Thank you!

K. Anson
Excellent service

The timer product was easily selected online and quickly delivered, with clear instructions for usage.

Dennis Crawford
Perfect for my needs

I ordered 3 volt battery packs, timers, red, green, white and flashing LEDs. It worked exactly the way I wanted. It was easy to connect. It was perfect for my needs.

John Miller
New Life To Old Christmas Village

I've ordered from Evan Designs in the past to restore a lightning feature inside of an old Department 56 haunted house. The old bulb had burned out and a replacement was impossible to find. Evans Design had the right bulb for the job and the result was fantastic.

For years our three of our Christmas Village homes were dark due to burned out lights and battery compartments that were corroded due to leaky batteries. I contacted customer support for assistance on how to best wire the three homes together with a timer and one battery compartment. I ordered three solid led bulbs, an AA battery holder with switch and a timer. All were three volts and all were high quality products.
Once again, the results are amazing. Our old village has renewed life and looks great again. Thank you, Evan Designs! I'll be back for more in the near future.

Dave Workman
Worked good a 3 volt Christmas decoration.

I connected it to a snowman Christmas decoration and it works great. I tried to connect another with a 3 AA, 4.5 volt LED light string, the kind that has LEDs along two metallic wires, but couldn't get it to work. I was aware it was advertised for 3 volt, but thought I'd give it a try. Otherwise it works great as advertised.

Thank you Dave for your review! Yes the timer works from 2-4.5 volts so it should have worked with your string. Possibly the string exceeded the max number of LEDs the timer can control though. The timer can control up to 10 LEDs maximum

sean mackenzie
Exactly what was needed

Worked perfect to add timers to some xmas decorations that were annoying to have to get to just to switch on and off.
I bought 10 knowing that if they worked they would be a useful addition to future battery operated purchases haha.

Just the Ticket

I was looking for a way to put a decorative light on a timer to come on at dusk and turn off six hours later. This did exactly what I needed.

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