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Fiber Optic for LED Lights

Fiber Optic for LEDs
Fiber Optic for LEDs
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Fiber Optic is a great choice for bringing light into challenging to reach spaces. The optic strands are fairly flexible and they carry the LED source light out to the end of the strand.  They are great for lighting up elements that may be hard to fit LEDs into.

Our fiber optic is sold by the foot, 0.75 cents per foot. Choose your size and add the number of Feet you need to cart.  This product can be easily cut to the exact sizes you need with regular scissors.

How do you use fiber optics?

  • You will need an LED for a source light to light up your fibers.
  • Choose from any of the LEDs we carry.
  • We like the 3mm and 5mm because you can sand the tip of the LED flat and glue the fiber right to the flat bulb surface. You can glue 2 or lots more fiber optic to the same LED.
  • Our new Fiber Optic Connector fits right over the 3mm bulb and blocks any "side light", while securing the fiber even better to the bulb.
Connecting Fiber Optic

Here is a great example of a use for fiber optic sent to us by one of our customers. You can see the numbers are nicely outlined and illuminated without being too intensely bright.

Carrier Turret

Fiber Optic Master Pack

Try our Fiber Optic Master Pack! You get 1 foot each labeled pieces of all of our 5 sizes of standard fiber optic, 2 sizes of side glow fiber optic and 1 inch each of our 5mm and 3mm LED connectors. Thanks!

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