We love spending time with our hobbies, and we want our customers to experience that same joy when using our premium battery powered LED lights. From RC helicopters to model trains, you'll find the best hobby LED lights online at Evan Designs.

Chip Nano Pico LEDs
All colors of LED lighting
Color: Warm White Color: Cool White Color: Red Color: Orange +4
Chip Nano Pico and Z LEDs
from $2.25
Warm White Chip Light Kit
Warm White Cool White
Chip Light Kit
from $5.00 Regular price $5.75
Cool and Warm  White Mega LED Lights
Color: Warm White Color: Cool White Color: Red Color: Blue +5
Mega LED
from $2.50
Flickering Miniature LEDs
Color: Red Color: Blue Color: Yellow Color: Cool White +4
Flickering Miniature LED
from $3.85

Are you looking for a new switch to easily control your battery powered LED lights? Or, could you benefit from using a power adapter? You've come to the right place. We carry the finest wiring components and accessories to easily modify your lights to fully illuminate your model.

3 Volt Coin Cell Holder with Switch 8"
3 Volt Coin Cell Holder
from $1.00
Wired Connectors
Wired Connectors
from $1.00
Twisted Kynar Wire
9 Volt Battery Snap & Micro Push-Button Switch For LEDs
from $0.50
Remote Control and Dimmer for LEDs
Remote Control and Dimmer for LEDs
from $5.00

Are you ready to give your model cop car that extra realistic effect from tiny LEDs? Our selection of lights for diecast police cars includes LEDs for sirens and headlights. And, we also carry micro LED lights for slot cars and firetrucks.

Police Car Siren For Diecast Vehicles
Police Car Siren with 9 volt battery snap with on/off switch
Realistic Police Car Siren For Diecast Vehicles
from $18.99
Siren for your Ecto Diecast
from $16.00
Police LED Lights for HO 1:87 Scale
Police LED Lights for HO 1:87 Scale - car not included
Colors: Red-Blue Colors: Red-Red Colors: Blue-Blue
Police LED Lights for HO 1:87 Scale
from $18.00
 Lights for your Die Cast 1:43  or Slot Car 1:32
Headlight Color: Cool Headlight Color: Warm
LED Lights For 1:43 Diecast & Slot Cars
from $8.00
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Hobby LEDs

Hobby LEDs for your projects. Truly easy to use. Ready to go! The right LED lights for models can take your project to the next level. You can rest assured knowing miniature lights for models from Evan Designs are inspected and tested for premium quality.
Evan Design

Wire, Switch & More

LED supplies: Because they won't light up by themselves! At Evan Designs, we believe each project you work on deserves the highest quality of products. Whether you're working with large-scale train layouts or a miniature model, you can count on our LED lighting supplies every time.
Evan Designs

Lights and Sirens for Diecast

Get your diecast Police Lights here! No diecast police car is complete without the lights and signature sound of the police siren! We have what you need to light and add sound to your fire truck, police car, and other diecast models.

Why Should You Use Battery Powered LED Lights?

At Evan Designs, we're dedicated to supplying hobbyists from all over with regular and small LED lights for a variety of fun and interesting projects. Whether you're searching for tiny LED lights for diecast police cars, diorama lighting or model train lights, our selection of bright bulbs and accessories will breathe life into your craft. Browse our collection of mini LED lights for models to get started!

Our LEDs are fully guaranteed to last

Our LEDs are fully guaranteed to last and we've only had to replace a very few amount of lights over the course of our time being in business. However, each set of our small LED lights comes with a free two-year replacement warranty to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

With the potential to last more than 10 years or 100,000 hours

With the potential to last more than 10 years or 100,000 hours, it's safe to say that LEDs are one of the most durable lights on the market. Even if your project uses the smallest LEDs, you'll never have to worry about constantly swapping out your lights.

Small LED lights draw very little power

Small LED lights draw very little power, so you can run them for a long time on a small battery. While there is no need for a bulky wall transformer or a wall plug for your bulbs, we have LED transformer adapters available if you want to permanently light your projects.

LEDs do not ever get hot

Since LEDs do not ever get hot, you won't risk melting delicate artwork or pieces of your model, even if you leave the LEDs on full time.

LEDs can give off lots of light

LEDs can give off lots of light in a very small package, and we offer micro LED lights so you can fit more bulbs into your tiniest projects!

Do you have any more questions about LEDs

Do you have any more questions about LEDs? Learn some tips for using LEDs to get started.

Weight and Size Measurements for Use in Slot Cars, Small Drones or other Weight Sensitive projects. Evan Designs LEDs are very small, however questions on size and weight specs are commonly asked by our customers and hobby enthusiasts. In hobbies such as pinewood derby racing every milliliter and ounce counts when making the car as fast as possible. Due to this, we have decided to create an article dedicated to Evan Designs LED Specifications. Weight Of LED Lights Due to their small size, our surface mount Chip LED lights have a relatively low weight. Unlike the bulb LEDs, they do...

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Where Can I Buy Micro, Mini, or Other Small LED Lights?

For more than 10 years, Evan Designs has established itself as an experienced supplier of all kinds of battery powered LED lights. Our hobby LED lights are individually tested, inspected for quality and ready to be used in your project. If you are ready to purchase some new LEDs and have any questions, contact us today and we'll be happy to assist you.