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LED supplies: Because they won't light up by themselves!

Micro Switch RC Extender Wire Stripper with Spring Wired connectors Momentary Switch Mounting Clips 3 Volt Adapter Transformer  Remote Control for LEDs 3V Coin Cell Holder Coin cell holder Battery Snap-Switch Combo Chip Nano Pico LEDs LEDs for AC or DC: Fully Pre-wired LEDs LEDs for AC or DC: Fully Pre-wired LEDs LEDs for AC or DC: Fully Pre-wired LEDs Separated LEDs for AC/DC 7-19 Volts Mega LED Magnet Wire Twisted 50 ft spool Magnet Wire Twisted 50 ft spool Color Changing LED Kynar 28Awg Electric Wire
We have a great selection of lighting accessories and power sources to help you light your projects. From large-scale train layouts to the smallest miniature model, each project deserves the highest quality products.

We have two types of fine wire for your project: Kynar wire and Magnet wire.

Kynar wire is the easiest to strip and immediately use. This wire works best when stripped using our wire stripper. Magnet wire is thinner and more discrete, which makes it ideal for hiding wire in plain sight.

Our switches

allow you to bring your layout to life with the touch of a button. Switches are also a great way to turn different parts of your project on and off. Many of our switches can come pre-attached to power sources for easier installation. A popular switch option is our remote control and dimmer.

Our power supplies

All of our LEDs and power sources are labeled for easy voltage matching so you know you’re using the right batteries or power adapters for your battery-powered LEDs or universal voltage LEDs.
So much more is included in this section of the site - from holding wax and mounting clips to shrink tube and fiber optic cable - so explore and let us know if you have any questions!
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