Small Switch for LEDs

Micro Switch
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Connect a switch to your LEDs or other projects for easy on-off operation. You don't need to keep unsnapping the battery snap or unplugging from the wall.

With this compact wired 1 Amp push-on push-off locking switch inline you can enjoy the convenience of simply pushing a button!

Our switch comes pre-wired with 8 inch leads.

If you have not added a switch to a project before, here's how:

  • You will add the switch wire inline with ONE lead on your battery strap or other power supply.
  • The other wire from the switch will go to the LEDs as normal.

Have a look at this picture for help, to see how we add a switch to our battery strap.

OR just get the switch pre-connected to a battery strap.

Switch: 0.32 inches x 0.48 inches x 0.31 inches tall
rated 1Amp at 24volts

Wires: 28AWG wire 8" length, 1/2 inch stripped ends


We now have our popular switch in black too!

Mini Switch Black

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