LED supplies: Because they won't light up by themselves!

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3 Volt Coin Cell Holder
from $1.00
Wired Connectors
from $1.00
9 Volt Battery Snap & Micro Push Button Switch For LEDs
from $2.75
3 Volt Adapter
from $12.00
Shrink Tube
3 Volt AA Holder with Switch
from $1.25
3 Volt AAA battery holder with switch
from $1.25
3 Volt Small coin cell holder with separate switch
from $2.75
Wire Stripper with Spring
LED holding Wax
USB Hub for lighting LEDs
USB Type A Power Supply Cable 14 inches and switch
USB Type A Power Supply Cable: Power for your LEDs
from $3.75
Fiber optic strands compare to coin size
Fiber Optic for LEDs
Side Glow Fiber Optics
3mm Fiber Optic Connector
5mm Fiber Optic Connector
Fiber Optic Connector
Fiber Optic Master Pack
Screw Thread Power Jack Or Standard Power Jack (with or without Added switches)
from $2.00
Mounting Clips to hold LEDs in panels
How the mounting clip holds the LED in place
3mm LED or 5mm LED Mounting clips 10 Pack
3 position slide switch for LEDs
How to Use a 3-Position Switch for LED Lights
3 Position Slide Switch
Give the Gift of a Gift Card!
from $10.00
9 Volt Battery Snap
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