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What is in the Mini Lighting Packet?
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The Mini Lighting Packet
This is our mini lighting kit. If you’ve never lit anything like LEDs before, or if you’ve never lit anything period, I think you’re going to find that this kit is fairly easy to use.
The kit comes with a batter holder with a nice locking on/off switch, two little 1.8 mm LEDs – you can see there’s two here. And two pieces of shrink tube.
One thing I like to do – you’ll notice that the light have black wires and red wires and the coin holder has the same, black wires and red wires. And that’s how you’re going to be connecting. Before I even attach the coin holder, one thing I like to do is go ahead and turn on the lights just with my battery.
I take the battery out of its package and you’ll see the battery has a shiny side with a plus on it and then it has a kind of rough side. The shiny side goes to the red wire on the lights and the rough side goes to the back wires on the lights. These are some nice bright little lights and I like to test them inside of my room box to see how much light I’m going to get in my box and also see where I want to position the lights.
The next step is to make a small entry hole in the back of your box. It doesn't need to be very big, only big enough to pass these fine wires through. So go ahead and make that small hole..(continued in next video)
Making the Connections!
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Making the Connections
I made a hole here on my room box in the bottom back. I’m going to thread the LED wires in from the front. Turning the project, we have our wires coming out the back of the box. I would position my lights where I want them with respect to my furniture and my different floors. Maybe I want a light over a stairwell or outside of a window shining into the room. You can position the lights and again test with the coin cell until you get everything just how you like it! Then glue the lights in place.
Coming back to the back of the project, I have me wires and I have my coin cell holder. These two small pieces of black stuff are called shrink tube and a lot of people like them because they shrink when you heat them and they can be nice and neat for covering your connections. Put your shrink tube onto the wire ahead of time. Go ahead and gather up the wires. I’m going to start with the black. I gather up my two black wires and I twist them really firmly. You’re not going to break anything with twisting. Now I’m twisting, oh, I don’t know, a dozen or so times until you have this nice and tight. Slide down the shrink tube over that. That’s done.

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