3V Lightning Storm effect with Mega LEDs
7-19V Lightning Storm effect
9 volt Lightning Storm effect
cloud with Lightning Storm effect

Lightning! Create a realistic storm in your miniature land

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This miniature lightning circuit uses Mega LEDs to create a realistic lightning storm effect. Just add your own clouds!

In this custom small LED circuit, flash duration, flash timing, AND flash brightness are all randomized, simulating the irregularity of lightning storms in nature. With this unique random pattern, the circuit will not loop or repeat.  

Connected to this custom circuit board are two of our Cool White Mega LEDs. The Mega is our brightest LED available and will give you a wide range of brightness during the flash circuit for the brightest flashes for your lighting storm effect.

To bring your lighting circuit to life try adding clouds using cotton balls tinted with a little charcoal.  You will need a power supply to run your lightning circuit. We have power options listed below.

Don't forget your Thunder sound circuit to complete your miniature storm!
Thunder for your Miniature Storm Scenes dreamstime

"What do I need to run this circuit?"

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

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Customer Reviews

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Brent S
Quick shipping and excellent quality

My product shipped quickly and arrived well packaged. The lightning effect is randomized and looks fantastic once put inside simulated cloud cover.


It works as advertized!! Installing for a book nook project. 5 star👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

Charles Ravert
Great effect

I saw these on a Facebook ad and was immediately sold on them! I am modeling a tornado on my N scale module and this effect fit the bill perfectly!

Ken Woolston
A very realistic effect!

I was expecting a basic flashing effect, but once installed it was an amazingly realistic lightning effect! I am glad I ordered two of these kits, these components and LED kits are amazing!!

The one and only PICKLES!
Electrical sparking effect

I ordered a lightning kit to use as a sparking electricity effect in some frayed wires coming out of a thrashed looking flexible metal conduit. It looked great, and then even better when I added a second kit to make the "sparks" happen more often, and in four spots.

Fran Atkins
Thunder Scene

My husband and I are Egg Artist and one of our favorite things to do is to make interesting lighted eggs. We use to get our lights from Modelec but they are no longer making them. We ran across these and thought to give them a try. We loved them, however, we needed more than the two lights it comes with. Good thing my hubby knows how to slice and splice - lol. He was able to turn it into 4 lights. Not quite the same as Modelec, but it still works great. I would attach a video of the final product, but I don't see a way to do it here. Anyway, looking forward to working with these lights on future products.

Hi Fran! Thank you for your review. Please know that we are able to do customizations on our products and you can reach out to us by phone or email and we normally get back quickly. We could have added more lights. But as you likely know, additional lights will behave the same as there are only 2 positions on the circuit to make the lights flash.

Great Effects! Way more potential than just lightning

I used these to mimic background explosions. They work perfectly !

Lighting storm on Halloween Trains

Work Great & So spooky! Put 3 sets of Mega Lighting Led Circuits in G Scale Halloween Caboose, 1 set of mega Lighting in 2 Halloween G Scale Trains cars and 2 sets of mega Lighting in Halloween G Scale Bunk car. I tested them, all look awesome lighting and very effective. I use them by G Scale track power, work Perfect!

Gary Furgason

I made another purchase! This time, the multi-colored LED bundle along with 9volt battery holders with switches and the motion sensor. I LOVE THIS!
I will use this on my costumes. Also purchased...the battery coin holders. I'll find a cool application for these.

great for lightning bugs

works well

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