Lightning!  Create a realistic storm in your miniature land
3V lightning circuit with Mega LEDs
AC/DC or DCC supply: 7-19V Lightning circuit
9 volt Lightning circuit
cloud with lightning

Lightning! Create a realistic storm in your miniature land

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This miniature lightning circuit uses Mega LEDs to create a realistic lightning effect. Just add your own clouds!

In this custom small LED circuit, flash duration, flash timing, AND flash brightness are all randomized, simulating the irregularity of lightning in nature. With this unique random pattern, the circuit will not loop or repeat.  

Connected to this custom circuit board are two Evan Designs Cool White Mega LEDs. The Mega is our brightest LED available and will give you a wide range of brightness during the flash circuit for the brightest flashes in your lighting storm.

To bring your lighting circuit to life try adding clouds using cotton balls tinted with a little charcoal.  You will need a power supply to run your lightning circuit. We have power options listed below.

Don't forget your Thunder sound circuit to complete your miniature storm!
Thunder for your Miniature Storm Scenes

"What do I need to run this circuit?"

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