A Guide to Battery Powered LED Lights

Follow our guide below and learn everything you need to know about battery operated LED lights. Our guide will cover different sizes, brightness, and applications of LED battery lights. Discover the different types of battery powered LED lights and how you can use them to make your projects shine.

Battery LED Lights

Running Battery Operated LED Lights

Battery LED lights are a great option for lighting model projects and crafts. If you’re thinking about using LED battery lights, that’s great because we have many options to choose from. LEDs have such a low power draw, and there are plenty of battery types that can run your LEDs for a very long time.

Smallest Batteries for Battery Operated LEDs

Tiny LED Battery Lights

The smallest battery we offer is the cr1225 battery with holder. This micro battery is only 12.5mm or 0.5 inches across! For a size comparison, a penny is .8 inch, so this battery is roughly half the size of a penny. Our battery can run 4 LEDs nice and bright, as you can see from this picture. Our tiny 1225 is running 4 of our cool white chip-sized battery operated LED lights.

Small battery operated LEDs

The bigger coin cell, the cr2032 holder with switch shown here, can run up to 10 LED battery lights at a time. This coin cell is a nice choice for its small size and great capacity.

Largest Batteries for Battery Operated LEDs

AA battery LED lights
9V battery operated LEDs
AAA battery powered LED lights

Larger batteries are great because they can power more LEDs as well as more types of LEDs in the same project. A pair of AA batteries can run 100 battery powered individual mini led lights for 4-5 hours. That's a lot of lights! Or, the AA pair can run a few battery LED lights non-stop for several days. Larger batteries such as AA, AAA or 9 volt will last longer before replacements are needed for your battery powered LED lights.

Which LED Battery Lights are Best for You?

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about battery powered LED lights, how do you know which one to choose? There are a few factors that will influence your small or large battery selection including:

  • Space available to hide your batteries
  • Number of LEDs in your project
  • Types of LEDs in your project
    • Solid - Steady lit LEDs
    • Flashing LEDs
    • Flickering LEDs
    • Solid and Flashing LEDs
    • LEDs that are driven by a circuit board
  • Battery life
  • LED Brightness
  • Battery Voltage
several battery powered LED lights

Battery Size for LEDs

There are a few things to know when it comes to battery size for LEDs. Larger batteries allow you to mix solid and flashing lights, and the 9 volt can run circuits, such as our siren circuit or sequence circuit.

Smaller batteries, such as our small or mini coin cells, have the advantage of size. Usually, small projects do not need as many LEDs or different types of battery operated LEDs. In this case, smaller batteries will be perfect for your project. If you only need a few battery LED lights in your micro project, then our smaller "coin cell" style batteries are a great choice for your battery operated mini led lights.

How Long do Battery Operated LED Lights Last?

When you are considering which battery type to use for powering the LEDs in your project, it is useful to know the expected runtime of LED battery lights.

We found that calculating runtime based on Battery Capacity, Voltages and LED Current Draw does not yield a very accurate number. The reason for this is that Battery Voltage varies from fully charged to a lower value where light output is less than desirable. With LEDs, as voltage drops to a point where brightness is about 80% of the full brightness, the amperage draw is 50% of the fully charged battery. At 80% brightness, unless you are closely comparing to a 100% brightness LED, you would not be aware of the difference.

For an understanding of battery life we did a test of (10) 3mm Cool White LEDs on several Common Battery options. We stopped testing when the light output was about 75% of full value. Below are the results

9 Volt Battery with our 5-12 Volt LEDs 24 hours
AAA Batteries with our 3 Volt LEDs 30 hours
AA Batteries with our 3 Volt LEDs 80 hours
CR2032 Coin Cell with our 3 Volt LEDs 3.5 hours

LED Lights with Battery Packs:

If you’re looking for LED lights that come with battery packs, then look no further! We have complete LED lighting kits that come with a coin cell, a AAA battery holder or a 9 volt battery snap. Our kits include:

  • 1 to 5 lights
  • the battery holder
  • the on/off switch

It’s everything you need for battery operated LEDs that will make your hobbies shine!

Explore Battery Powered LED Lights

If you are new to battery LED lights and want to light a small project, then these kits are an excellent place to start. Just glue the lights into your project and connect them to the battery holder. Put the battery holder in the back or underneath your project, and enjoy your nicely lit model. Browse our site and find the perfect battery operated LED lights and other lighting solutions for your projects today!