LED Chip Light Kit for Small Projects

Chip Light Kit
Chip Light Kit
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Special Small size Lighting Package!

Complete a lighting project! All in one light package. These lights will look great in your miniatures. Light can add so much to a project, try this kit today!

Our Chip Light Kit Contains

SMD LED in Your choice of 3 sizes  with 8 inch wire

small coin cell/button battery/watch battery, about the size of a nickel, a little thicker

coin cell holder with pre-attached mini-switch Holder/Switch Info: The black wire is 4 inches long. The red wire is 2 inches on either side of the push-on push-off button switch.

(2) 1-inch pieces of
"EZ-shrink" shrink-tube
for protecting your new connections Our shrink tubing is easy to shrink with simple heat sources like a lighter, hair drier, iron, embossing tool, or heat gun.

Assembling the Light Kit

Choose from Warm or cool white.  This kit has all you need for battery operated LEDs.

If you want a mix of colors, sizes or wire lengths, mention in comments at checkout what you would like your kit to have!

Questions about the chip kit? We are happy to help!

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"What is the difference between the Chip, nano, pico?
There are 2 differences.
  • Size as shown above
  • Brightness

cool white is shown in this picture, you can choose warm or cool white 
"is the "mini-switch" for on/off so I can easily turn my lights on?

Yes, that sturdy little switch is what they call a "locking" switch. What that means: you press it once, the lights will stay on until you press it again to turn them off.

Since a single coin cell can run 6 light for 12 hours, you can leave the lights on for hours and hours. The lights will not ever get hot, and they last 10 years!! So you will really have fun with them, just change out the coin cell every so often!

"What if something breaks?" 

This packet comes with a 2-year guarantee. Your lights will work for years and years and years! If something breaks during install or after, send it back to us, we replace for free. LEDs are amazingly sturdy, we have gotten very few back! LEDs do not break easily

"What if I want other colors?"

Order 3 volt LEDs here: 3 volt lights More chips here
and 3 volt coin cell with holder here: 3 volt coin cell holder with switch

"What size is the coin holder?"

The coin cell holder is .24 inches thick and .9 inches across at the widest point.
You can clip the plastic "wings" to save 0.1 inch on the width if space is at a premium!

More Questions about LEDs and your project? LED tips for Minis!

"My question is not here?" 
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