LED mounting clips
How the mounting clip holds the LED lights in place

Clips to hold your LEDs in panels, RC bodies, or Control Boxes

Clip Size
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These sturdy LED mounting clips are sold as a pack of 10 for $1.90 (.19 cents each)

Use these LED mounting clips to hold your 3mm LED or 5mm LED in place when there is not any way to tape/glue the LED from the backside.

There are some uses for LEDs where these can come in very handy. Like in RC vehicle bodies, or control panels.

Drill Bit Sizes:
  • 3mm use 3/16th"
  • 5mm use 1/4"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Rich G
Perfect hold

Provides secure mount for the 3mm LEDs! gives the lights a nice trim look when not in use, too.

Kirk Nickman
Nice Clips

I needed 5mm clips. Unfortunately I did not notice the selector for clip size and got 3m by default. My mistake.

Hi KirkI am sorry to hear you got the incorrect size on the clips.If you had gotten LEDs at the same time as the clips we might have been able to catch that and ask you about the size.But the only item in your order WAS the clips so we had no way to check for you.Since you mentioned there was a default on the page, we have updated this page to make Select the default, so it is easier to be sure to get the right size.

3mm(pkg10) mounting clips

Purchased these 3mm clips to mount 2 yellow / 2 red flashing LEDs within a Marx Penn Central caboose. Be sure to follow directions and use correct drill bits for your installation. Clips worked as intended.

Nicholas Lerner
Awesome stuff for hobbies!

Cool store for small electronic stuff, especially for hobbies; and with good prices, and fast delivery...."l like it"! 😊👍

Great Clips

This is the best thing to use for your leds. Simple to install and hold the leds in the spot you want them. 👍


great products from EVAN DESIGNS ,fast delivery,, andquality lights for your miniature lighting needs, everything packaged and labeled nicely.

Dan Newman
You need these

Having these clips gave me the opportunity to glue the clips to the conduit I made without having to glue the bulbs in place. This way if a bulb should burn out I don't have to remove everything - just the bulb - and the replacement will be complete. Perfect fit and size.

Donna Beaudin
Service above and beyond!

I’m new to making crafts using lighting. I ordered a lot of items that wouldn’t have worked together ( for instance, wrong size battery holders etc.). Doug from Evan design called me promptly, and helped me replace the wrong sized items I had ordered with ones that would work! He saved me so much time and grief, and I am so grateful for that! And, he did it without making me feel like an idiot, I really appreciate the kindness shown! You guys are Top Notch in my book! I will definitely be back, thank you again!

Products for more than Model Trains, Cars, Cities!

Hi there.
After telephoning Evan Designs 4 or 5 times I was able to figure out their catalog and find LED bulbs for my car far better for cars than vendors specializing in all forms of LED bulbs. Sometimes the LED vendors selling LED conversion bulbs for a specific automotive OEM bulb number did not fit sometimes ruining the twist lock or module socket by the time it was installed to make contact.
Did I mention most immediate telephone customer service the best prices and excellent shipping from Evans?
If I ever tackle car LED bulb conversions again the fist thing I’ll do is compare the cars OEM incandescent bulb and bulb numbers and carefully compare those specs to bulbs at Evans.
The Evan bulbs I installed in my vehicles illuminate the dashboard and modules much better than most automotive vendors LED bulbs.

David E Gleisner

These folks are awesome. I will continue to use them. Excellent service and shipping time.

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