4 LED Hookup Unit

SMD sizes and bulb sizes 4-LED units
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Our 4-LED unit has four high brightness, high-quality LEDs attached to a single join with two lead wires ready to connect to your power source. A 4-inch wire separates each Chip/SMD from the join, and an 8-inch wire separates each bulb LED from the join, giving you ample space to separate your LEDs to light more space with fewer wires to connect. Choose from two different voltages -- 3 volt or 5-12 volt -- for these battery operated LEDs.  You have a choice of either cool or warm white. Evan Designs’ wide selection of battery holders means you can have more flexibility with your layout.

These 4-LED units are available in four of our SMD sizes and all of our bulb sizes.

These micro LED lights are ideal for projects that require a lot of illumination but very little space for installing lighting. Popular among our modelers, miniaturist and dollhouse customers, the flexible and thin magnet wire allows customized placement for each LED with up to a maximum of 16 inches between LEDs.

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