Magnet Wire Spool

Spooled Magnet wire for your projects

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Our enameled magnet wire offers convenience and versatility for your projects. Pre-twisted and designed with the same wire as our Chip and Nano LEDs, this 30AWG wire is exceptionally fine, allowing for connections without bulkiness.

Just un-twist as much as you need from this 50-foot spool to connect to your LEDs. Then leave the rest twisted until you get to the power input or hook-up location.

This wire is coated with enamel and then polymer for a tough durable coating. Strip with sandpaper or with your solder iron.

How to strip this wire?

This Enameled wire has a tough outer jacket and it just can't be stripped with wire strippers.

We thought this video would help:

Stripping Magnet Wire

Strip the wire with sandpaper, then flip the wire over to get the other side stripped. When you are done, the wire should be shiny copper, all ready for connecting. Don't sand too far, you don't want to damage the copper underneath.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Linda Ohrabka
First time

First time I ordered from Evan Designs. It always makes me a little nervous buying online, but I did A LOT of research and read a ton of reviews and Evan Designs just kept popping up. I took the plunge and I am so very happy with everything I ordered. Prompt delivery, which I expected to take a lot longer, so that was a plus. Definitely recommend.

Chris Sorensen
Perfect for Gunpla

Great for routing LED power through 1/144 Gunpla kits! I used 220 grit sandpaper to expose the copper after cutting to length and a drop of superglue over exposed metal after soldering. Hopefully 50 feet will last many years.

Mark E. Price
Great product

I love it. I already did some wiring with it. It really made things easier and a cleaner, more efficient layout.

So tiny!

I had been searching forever for a wire this small, and this one is perfect. I just burn the coating with a lighter and solder it to my led’s. It’s great, I 3D print my lights and this wire is nice and small so I don’t have to make bulky designs 🎀🎀🎀

Butch Smith
A must for small projects

An absolute must for smaller projects, stout wire that can run through the smallest places.

Brian Wilkinson
Magnet wire

Ordered two spools wire. Price and postage were very reasonable. Delivery was a lot quicker than I expected. The addition of tracking info was very useful.
Product was well packaged and exactly as advertised.
Very happy and I will be using Evan's again

Excellent Wire

Perfect size, quality wire, easy to tin, and you don't have to buy a 1000ft roll.

Gary Ayers
Just what you need

This wire is just what I needed to put led lights in a small model kit. My other spool of wire was 20 ga. Too large. Easy to solder too.

Scott Deaton
30 awg twisted pair


Great wire

Excelleny for projects that has minimal spaces like gundam kits

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