AAA battery holder how long will it last?
Dimensions of the 3 Volt AAA battery holder with switch
3 Volt AAA battery holder with switch with Connector
Inline AAA holder with Switch
AAA holder no switch
Inline AAA battery holder with switch and dimensions

AAA Battery Holder with Switch

Battery Orientation
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An easy way to bring power to your 3V LEDs.

Made to run our 3 Volt LEDs

This fully assembled unit features

  • a AAA holder made to hold 2 of AAA batteries
  • wire leads
  • a convenient push-on, push-off button switch to turn your LEDs on and off

The LEDs are connected the red wire to the red lead. And black-to-black. Protect connections with tape or shrink tube.

This is another way to run your 3 volt LEDs. This 3 volt output AAA holder can run chips, 1.8mm, 3mm, 5mm or a mix of all sizes at once. And it can run more lights for longer than a coin cell holder/coin cell.

In our tests, the AAA battery pair you use with this holder is 1200mA and can run 60 LEDs nice and safely and brightly.

how to connect LEDs to an AAA holder
LEDs and Batteries Not Included

Get our AAA holder with a connector added. This is convenient when you want to replace the batteries, or if you just want to remove the batteries when you move the project around.


The AAA holder has the "female" socket and you get a "male" plug with 8" red and black Kynar with this unit. Connect your LEDs to the wired male connector, then plug the LEDs into your battery.

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Shrink Tube - Shrink Tube provides a nice solution for protecting the exposed wire connections. The AAA holder with switch does not come with Shrink Tube, but you can get some on this product page: Shrink Tube

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