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Premium Wire Stripper with Spring -- Pre-Set

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This premium wire stripper can strip solid wires 20-32 AWG. We have pre-set the stripper for you. It comes ready to strip the Kynar in the wire spools we carry, and also to use on our Bulb Style LEDs.

Use this stripper on any of our lights that have Kynar Wire as follows:

  • all 1.8mm, 3mm and 5mm LEDs
  • all 7-19 Volt AC/DC LEDs

***Not for use with our Magnet Wire (the wire type used on our 3Volt & 5-12 Volt Mega, Chip, Nano, Pico and Z LEDs)***

This deluxe wire stripper delivers clean, precise and accurate stripping. Grips are PVC coated for better grip and comfort. Ground blades are sharpened for long use.

If you haven't had to strip wire before, or if you haven't stripped this fine tough Kynar wire, it is best to practice several times on a test piece of similar wire before stripping the wires in your final project. For practice, we have two pieces of wire in the package with the stripper. We urge you to strip the practice pieces of wire to get the feel of using these strippers before you go ahead and make the final cuts and strips on your project.

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