3 Volt Adapter/Transformer

3 Volt Adapter with power jack
3 Volt Adapter
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Our 3 Volt 1 amp adapter can run 1 - 50 LEDs and is Guaranteed to correctly run all of our 3 Volt DC LEDs

    • 1 Amp will run from 1 - 50 LEDs
    • 2 Amp will run from 1 - 100 LEDs

    These regulated adapters will put out exactly 3 Volts of power if you hook one single LED to it, or hook the maximum number of LEDs to it. They are regulated and able to run delicate electronics.

    These UL listed Adapter / Transformers convert wall current to 3 Volt DC output, perfect for our LEDs.
    Input: AC 120-240V 60HZ 10W Output: Regulated 3V DC 1000mA Center positive
    Plug Diameter 5.5mm       length 10mm       Wire from Adapter body to barrel plug = 57in

    Power Jack is Included Free

    power transformer
    Panel Mount Power Jack
    Your 12 volt adapter comes with a power jack. As an option we also carry a panel mount power jack with a screw thread, if you want to check that out as an added item.

    As you may be able to see from this picture, the power jack receiving end plugs into our power adapter.

    At the other end, we have added a short piece of red and black wire.

    Here's how to use it:

    • Mount this small power jack inside of your model.
    • Connect the red power lead to all of the red leads on your LEDs, use shrink tube or electrical tape to protect the connection
    • Connect the black power lead to all of the black leads on your LEDs, again using tape or shrink tube
    • make your connections on the inside of the model
    • When you are finished, plug in the adapter and enjoy your LEDs for years and years!


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    Shrink Tube - Shrink Tube provides a nice solution for protecting the exposed wire connections.  The 3 volt adapter does not come with Shrink Tube, but you can get some on this product page: Shrink Tube

    OR get our new Adapter with Switch:

    • The on/off switch can run 100 LEDs
    • the switch is mounted 6 inches from the barrel plug

    after plugging in the adapter, just press the switch once to turn on all lights, press again to turn off.

    Or, check out our power jack with multiple switches added on: Jack with Switch

    power adapter with switch

    Easily change from 3V wall adapter over to battery and back!
    If you like to run your lights on wall power, and still want the flexibility to sometimes run on AA batteries whenever you are not near a wall outlet, we have a solution.

    power jack dimensions
    No more bulky, heavy, heat generating, transformers! This new high speed digital switching circuitry shrinks both the size and weight of the transformer! It also greatly reduces heat "losses", and increases the available output power. The result is much higher efficiency as well as a much more tightly regulated output voltage.

    By comparison, A non-regulated adapter can put out up to 5 volts of power, which is too much for 3 volt LEDs. We do NOT recommend connecting our 3 Volt LEDs to a non-regulated adapter as the potential output voltage would be too high. This Transformer is one of the newer "switching adapters" which regulate the output voltage without all of that heat the older adapters can produce.

    power plug dimensions

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