USB Type A Power Supply Cable: Power for your LEDs

USB Type A Power Supply Cable: Power for your LEDs

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Use a USB Cable to Power your LEDs.

Made to run any of our 5-12 Volt DC LEDs

This is a convenient way to power your LEDs 

connect to a

  • USB Power Hub
  • USB Portable Charger
  • USB Power Bank

Typically a USB power bank provides up to 0.5 Amps of power which will light up to 25 of our LEDs.  This USB cable is capable of running 75 LEDs if you have a large power bank or power hub wall outlet. 

This USB connector has a red wire and a black wire.  All of our 5-12 volt LEDs have a red wire and either a black or green wire.  To connect, you will twist the red to red, black to black/green.  

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Shrink Tube - Shrink Tube provides a nice solution for protecting the exposed wire connections.  The USB Connector does not come with Shrink Tube, but you can get some on this product page: Shrink Tube

"How long will the LEDs run between charges?"

It depends on the capacity of your power supply.  A portable charger that charges your cell phone would power 10 LEDs 150-400 hours.

We also have a 3 Volt Version of the USB power cord.  If you are using the 3 Volt LEDs be sure to get the 3 Volt version. The 3 Volt version can power 25 of our 3 volt LEDs

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