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Our very popular and convenient wired connectors – are the perfect solution for easily connecting and disconnecting your lighting projects to your power supply. These compact yet robust connectors come pre-wired with 8 inches of red and black kynar wire, featuring pre-stripped ends for added convenience. Whether you're working on intricate lighting projects or need a reliable solution for quick setups, these connectors provide a hassle-free and sturdy connection. Elevate the efficiency of your projects with our small yet sturdy wired connectors – making your lighting endeavors seamless and straightforward.  Stripped ends.

Of course, the wire can be clipped shorter and re-stripped as needed. These connectors work with 3-36 volts DC or AC and can carry 5Amps.

Each wire connector pair contains:

  • a wired male with 8" or 14" (your choice) red and black wire
  • a wired female with 8" or 14" (your choice) red and black wire
Connector dimensions:

Wired Connectors, male and female

Quickly and easily connect and disconnect your lights!

Wire connectors are very popular, we have a lot of options to choose from

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Extender A male and a female wire connector on the same 8" wire, located at opposite ends.
The extender comes with a separate male and female, one of each. 3 pieces in all.
The extender can be used along with any other connector type.
Master Pack

The Wire Connector Master Pack
The pack includes everything
  • 1 of 5 way
  • 1 of 2 way
  • 2 extenders
  • 2 of 8" connectors
  • 2 of 14" connectors
total value $18 for the discounted price of $14
2 way wire connector

2 way Wire connectors If your project is in multiple parts or has multiple locations where lights are needed, these connectors are a great way to bring the power along to each section. Each set comes with (1) 2 way plus (2) male, 1 female. You can connect as many of these together as you need.
Wired two way splitter
5 way splitter

5 way Wire connector A great way to bring power to different locations, just plug and unplug as needed. You can even use one outlet of your 5 outlets to connect another 2-way or 5-way, and then keep splitting!  Consider our 5 way instead of a power bus.
Comes with:
  • 1 5-way connector
  • 1 female 8"
  • 5 male connectors 8"

5 way splitter
Extender with switch added

Extender with switch Add in a switch at any point with this handy extender with switch. And move the switch around as needed, since it is a simple plug/unplug unit.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Gary schone
Wire connectors

These are a must have for anything electrical on your project. They allow for easy removal for servicing or replacement. Best of all they are very reasonably priced for this convenient little connector.

Great for HO scale lighting projects.

I've been adding lighting to a midsize HO layout. I like to add connectors to as many structures as possible. Power can be fed up through a small hole in the layout using these connectors. Buildings can be worked on away from the layout, the other half of a connector installed and then the building placed on the layout and plugged in. If a building needs to be moved it can easily done by unplugging it.

Chris Sorensen
Works Great

The heat shrink is fairly bulky when trying to fit the connector in tight spaces. I removed it since I had to solder new wires anyways. Will be getting more!

Hi Chris
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review! We appreciate it!
I am sorry you found the shrink tube too bulky, we use the smallest we can find.
I do not advise removing both shrink tube pieces unless you are using something to cover at least one of them. The exposed pins could short circuit if you contact both of them at the same time to metal or a power supply.
Also, I wanted to mention that we have these connectors without wires, if you let us know for your next order we can send ones without wires added!

Evan Designs

Great Price, Excellent Quality

Some of the easiest items I have worked with. The standard connectors I purchased are far above the quality I expected and definitely plan on making future purchases for other things now I know they carry a variety of Leds and electrical items for the hobbyist.

Jim Aulick
Go To Connector

This is my go to connector. They are easy to connect. They are not polarized but easy to identify if you just look (Red and Black wires). They are easy to hide. They are durable (stepping on them will not crush them. At least not yet). I wish they were twisted but I do that by putting them in a drill and twisting a bit.

I have used these for many years and they stand up to many connection / reconnections. I have never had one fail. I have hundreds in use.

Buy with confidence.

Dennis Fortna
Christmas Village LED Connectors

These connectors worked very well in my application - only wish that perhaps the connectors themselves were polarized to prevent mis-connection.


Makes connecting wires easy. Also allows disconnecting for easy breakdown.

Wire extenders and connectors

I wanted to add lights to one of my Christmas villages without having any cords going from the middle of the room to the wall outlets. It seemed like a daunting project but these wire extenders and connectors work beautifully with the AA battery holder. I love all the possibilities these little connectors offer. I am already planning on how I can use more of these for my other projects.

Easy to use

I love these connectors!

Love these connectors!

These connectors are perfect for our use. We needed tiny plugs that would be easy to hide, but still easy to plug and unplug. These are it! Thank you for making them!! We'll be back for more.

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