Twisted Kynar

Twisted Kynar Wire
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Kynar wire is extremely handy for extending the wiring in any LED setup. Our twisted kynar wire is 28 AWG and can withstand up to 5 amps and 36 volts, which makes it perfect for most LED projects. This wire is OFHC (oxygen-free high-conductivity) copper wire and provides a very flexible and abrasion-resistant hookup wire. Simply cut your wire at the desired length, strip the ends, and you’re ready to attach your tiny LED lights or other LED accessories.

Each spool of twisted Kynar wire includes 30 feet of wire, more than enough for most wiring needs.  Unspool the wire to the desired length, untwist a little then simply cut and strip to attach to your lights.

Kynar wire is highly durable; we use Kynar to pre-wire most of our LEDs because of its quality, durability, and ease of use. To easily strip our Kynar wire, we recommend our wire stripper This wire stripper is pre-set to cut our wire’s specific gauge to take the guesswork out of finding the appropriate setting.

Ideally suited for many applications, this wire is OFHC (oxygen-free high conductivity copper wire) and provides a very flexible and very abrasion resistant hook up wire. The wire is solid copper, and easy to connect to other wires by either twisting or soldering.

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