Tiny Momentary Switch
Momentary Switch
Big Momentary Switch with wires
Momentary switch dimensions
closeup of the tiny momentary switch
dimensions of the tiny momentary switch

Momentary Switch

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These switches are normally open momentary type. This means LEDs connected to it will be on only when the switch is depressed. Let go of the switch, the LEDs go out until you press and hold the switch again. This is a nice type of switch for interactive interpretive displays.

Tiny Momentary Switch close up

Switch Dimensions

The small momentary is nice for small projects. With dimensions of only 4.4 x 4.4mm square and 5mm to the top of the switch, you can hide this switch in even the smallest projects.

dimensions switch

The large momentary switch is a nice size for larger displays. It is sturdy, with a solid stop feel when depressed.

The large momentary is also threaded so it can be mounted in a panel. You will want to drill a 1/2-inch hole. The red color is high visibility and both noticeably and inviting to press.

Sometimes we get asked how to add a switch to the wiring in your project. We thought this sketch might help wiring in a switch

basically the switch goes to the red wire on the power supply and to the red wire on the lights.

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