Motion Sensor for Turning on and Off LED Projects

Motion Sensor for Turning on and Off Your LED Projects

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Turn your LEDs on with Motion!

Get our motion sensor for 3 - 12 volt input or 7 - 19 volt input. The motion sensors are rated for 600 mAh and can run up to 30 of our LEDs!

In tests, the round white sensor "ball" can detect motion up to 2 or sometimes even 3 feet away. The sensor keeps the lights on while there is motion. After motion stops, the lights remain on for up to 30 seconds. We found that just being near the motion sensor was enough to keep the lights on until we walked away.

This is a great way to have your projects light up when you walk up to them or even walk by! And have your lights turn off automatically when you leave. 

Model Train Enthusiasts: Use this sensor to detect your model train when it passes, to turn on a crossing gate signal further down the track. The sensor will turn on the crossing signal, then turn off 20-30 seconds later automatically when the train is no longer triggering it.

  • 15mm Diameter
  • 14mm High

There are 4 wires already attached to the motion sensor. 2 input wires to connect to your chosen power supply, and 2 wires to go out to your LEDs. 

The longer wires on the Motion Sensor connect to the wires on your power supply. The shorter wires on the sensor connect to all of your LED wires. You can of course cut any of the wires, just remember the orientation from power to the sensor, from the sensor to your LEDs.

This sensor is 600 milliamps.

Why have a switch on the battery if the motion sensor is a switch?

The white switch is on/off so if it is left in the on-state it will not affect the motion sensing. This sensor will always turn on with motion, so the white on/off switch is a more permanent way to turn off your project if you need it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
donnie hull
works good

works good !

Great to deal with

Great customer service

Great Option!

A test of my final set-up resulted in exactly what I was looking for when adding this motion sensor! The quality of craftsmanship and, more importantly for a noob like me, the wiring instructions make this a no-brained. I definitely didn’t want to have to manually turn it on/off; so glad Evan Design offers it. Will incorporate it into future projects as needed!

Motion Sensor work good

The motion sensor really work out great. I used it in an animatronic werewolf display that activate with the someone passing by the motion sensor inside the werewolf head.

Larry Campbell
So many possibilities . . .

Before discovering your company, I had no idea I had so many options for switches for my model building projects! The motion sensor switch I bought works great. But then I started perusing all the other switch options you offer and want to try more options. Fortunately, experimenting will be more affordable than I'd thought, which means I'll be trying different options with different model projects in the future. Glad I found you!

Moe Paquette
Led Photo Sensor

Excellent product, well labelled wires, works great

Exactly what I wanted!

I have recently gotten into putting together “book nooks”, shelf-size dioramas of small rooms, streets, or other scenes with miniature furnishings and figures. Some of the kits come with light kits, some don’t and one had one of these motion sensors. It is so cool when you walk past a shelf and the little scene lights up. So, I wanted to convert some of mine to motion sensor. I found Evans Designs online and wow! They had exactly what I needed - these sensors, the small lights, battery holders, connectors - and a nice video about lighting a book nook! Kn top of it all, they also made sure my order had everything I needed! In 5 minutes I had 4 lights set up and connected to the battery box, and the on/off switch, and the motion sensor! And it all worked. Yay!! I have to thank the folks at Evans Designs - I’ll be buying more lights soon!!

Stephen Obarski
Great product

Exactly what I wanted and very fast shipping!

Awesome products and superior customer service

First time I ordered some items (and first time ever using LEDs) for a model project. I had a quick question I put in the ordering comments and they called and emailed to make sure I was getting what I needed. Couldn't be happier. Excellent quality, great service, and the tutorials on the web site are tremendous. Very happy! Thanks!

Did not work

Product did not work as it stayed on all the time. I tried covering it with a cup and wrapping black electrical tape around it both. Neither one worked. It wasn’t expensive enough to return so I ordered another one from someone else.

I am very sorry to hear that you ran into this issue.
We replace things that fail for free, so there is no need to buy another, we can send it free. One thing you may need to check, did you put the short wires to the LED and the Longer set of wires to power?
I see you did not get either LEDs or a power supply from us.
There is a possibility that part of the system is incompatible, but maybe we can help with that part a bit. What is your power supply?
What are you using the motion sensor to light up? This may help us to send you the correct replacement to work with your system. Please contact us directly so we can help to send you a replacement right away!

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