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Touch Sensor Switch
Touch Sensor Switch

Touch Sensor Switch

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A great option for your project instead of a traditional on/off switch. This touch sensor can turn your 3 Volt LEDs on and off. The sensor is 2Amp so it can run up to 90 LEDs.

The touch sensor comes in 2 options.

  1. Touch Disk - Touch the Disk to turn on your lights and again to turn them off. The disk is 19mm by 12mm and 2.5mm thick
  2. Wire Type - This type has a wire that you touch to turn on or off your lights. Locate the end of the sensor wire where you want. This is a nice option if you do not want a visible disc

Use this sensitive touch sensor with a 3 Volt Wall Adaptor, AA Battery Holder or AAA Battery Holder. The coin cell battery does not work well with the Touch Sensor Switch, occasionally the light cannot be turned off or on. If you want to use the touch sensor switch with a coin cell holder you should get the coin cell holder with switch. If the light gets stuck in either on or off, the switch can be used to re-Set the touch sensor.

This touch sensor can take the place of a normal switch. Since the AA holder has a switch, you can just leave it permanently in the on position.

You can run this sensor with:
AAA Holder/Switch
AAA holder switch square
AA Holder/Switch
AA holder no-switch
3 Volt Adapter
small adapter

Add up to 90 of our 3 volt lights, or 10 of the Mega:
3 volt Bulb Style
3-volt leds 20
3 volt Chip
smd chip leds 11
3 volt Mega
mega led-24


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great product!!!

I used the 3-volt adapter, the touch sensor switch, and the warm string lights to create a bedside touch lamp out of a live bonsai tree!! All of these products were so easy to use and put together, especially considering the fact this is the first time I have ever attempted anything like this. I also really appreciated how fast everything shipped and arrived. If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would!


Just got the touch sensor switch, battery holder and remote on,off and Dimmer switch. Everything is amazing my favorite is the remote.
excellent packaging and superfast shipping.
Definitely will be purchasing more...
Highly recommend!!!


I don't know much about circuits and LEDs, but this helped me assemble a sweet 3D printed lamp for cheap with little hassle. Very happy with Evan Designs for this


This is just 1 of the 10 items I bought in the same purchase and it is AWESOME...just touch and it lights whatever you have hooked to it!!! This was my first purchase from Evans Designs and they are an OUTSTANDING business...they even called me to make sure I knew exactly what I was purchasing...when was the last time a business did that for you?? All the products I bought worked right from the git go and as soon as I fiddled around with each one I was already making a list of other products I will be purchasing soon!! Good built quality products that I see myself buying many times over!! I am using the products for my HO and G scale trains plus buildings I’m building and will try to incorporate them into my slot cars too!! Thank you Evans Designs for a quality product and great service!!! Oh can’t beat the VERY REASONABLE prices for each and every product!!!

Jan Forsgren

Very good product, barely visible outside of my 1/72 Hecules.

Richard Middleton

Excellent service, high speed delivery to the UK, couldn't ask for more!. Thanks.

Kevin Brady

Outstanding customer service!Same day answer to my questions.My go-to source to LED's.Why?Different voltages,how can you light 50 nano lights from 2 AA batteries?Evans does that.Customer for life! Thank you!

S Best
touch sensor switches

Great product, fast shipping

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