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Touch Sensor Switch

Touch Sensor Switch
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A great option for your project instead of a traditional on/off switch. This touch sensor can turn your 3 Volt LEDs on and off.

The touch sensor comes in 2 options.  

  1. Touch Disk - Touch the Disk to turn on your lights and again to turn them off.  The disk is 10mm in Diameter and 2.5mm thick
  2. Wire Type - This type has a wire that you touch to turn on or off your lights. Locate the end of the sensor wire where you want.  This is a nice option if you do not want a visible disc
For the power side, you can run this sensor with:
AA Holder/Switch
3 Volt Adapter
up to 30 of our 3 volt lights, or 10 of the Mega:
3 volt Bulb Style
3 volt Chip
3 volt Mega

This touch sensor can take the place of a normal switch. Since the AA holder has a switch, you can just leave it permanently in the on position.

This tactile on and off switch cannot be run with any power less than AA.