Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Connector
Fiber Optic Connector
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We have found this connector a nice way to connect

  • 3mm LEDs

  • or 5mm LEDs
to the fiber optic.  Choose 3mm connector for 3mm LEDs.  Choose 5mm connector for 5mm LEDs  It can hold one piece, or several pieces ofd fiber optics.  The black color is very good at cutting down the side light from the LEDs.  This will hold onto your LED very firmly.
Connecting Fiber Optic

The fiber optic connector is sold by the inch, we have found 1 inch enough to join the LED and fiber.  If you order several inches, we will ship any number of inches you order as 1 piece.  When you get this tubing, you can cut it into the sizes you need with heavy scissors.

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