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This photo sensor will turn your LEDs on when it's dark, and turn off your project when it is light.

This 1 Amp light sensor can run up to 45 LEDs! We have added 8-inch input wires and 4-inch wire on the output side. You can of course cut the wires shorter but remember which side is which!

The sensor is just the small bump in the middle, so it will be easy to hide.

Voltage options:

3-12 Volt DC - use this option for use when using batteries, or our 3 Volt or 12 Volt Adaptors. Connect the red wire from your power to the long red input wires on the receiver. Connect black to black. The lights you use need to be appropriate for the voltage of your power supply. For example, if the power supply is 3 volts use 3-volt lights. Or if your power supply is between 5-12 Volts, use our 5-12 Volt lights.

AC / DC (up to 19 Volts) - Use this option with any hobby transformer, or other power supply that is 12 volts or more. This option has 2 black wires that connect to your power supply as the polarity of the input doesn't matter. The lights you use need to be rated for the same voltage as your power supply, and must be at least 12 volts.

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Customer Reviews

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John F
LED Photo Sensor - Voltage: 3-12 volt DC

This was exactly what I was looking for; small form factor, low voltage and reasonable price. Thank you!

Didn't work

I was trying to use it for lights in the back of my truck that turn on automatically when I open any of the 3 doors to my bed cap. The turn on during the day though which kills my battery and searched forever for a dusk till Dawn sensor that could handle 12V and less and thought is wZ perfect. It was for about a day and then just stopped working. Correct battery voltage and the lights were rated for the voltage so I don't know what happened. Emailed them and told them it stopped working and I stead of caring they sent me an auto respond email asking me to leave a review. So here it is. This companies products are good in theory but as far as I can tell that's about it .

hi Tommy
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!
For car and truck batteries, you need to get our 12-18 volt sensor because the alternator brings the battery voltage up to around 15 or 16 volts while the car is being driven. This would fry the 12 volt sensor.

Also we did not get any email from you about it not working, you may have spelled our email incorrectly. The correct email is help@evandesigns.com. We pride ourselves in responding to emails so we hope you will also reply to this email from us!
We have sent you a free replacement sensor for the higher 12-18 volt rating which is the correct one for your truck!


Great Indoor Photo Switch

I had previously purchased a photo switch that was much larger and, unfortunately, not sensitive enough for indoor use. My led lights were always on even in mid-day! This switch works like a charm and was much easier to mount. Even on cloudy dark days, it shuts off the lights in the daytime. Thanks Evan Designs.

Michael Hornsby
Exactly what I needed

Wife bought a wooden sign that had LED accent lights for part of a outside decoration. Needed the lights to go on and off when is was dark. This part worked like a charm and was easily installed.

Randall Rice
Excellent product

These are excellent I will be buying more in the very near future I don't know if there would be a discount if I bought a lot of them or not but I really like them they worked great and thank you for the fast shipping as well

Simon Miranda Miranda
Great size

Great size, as described, functions well

Works as advertised!!!

Works as specified for my Halloween project with 9V battery to LED for eyes. Directional labels on wires were a huge help. Would buy again!

Waweru Yaacov Ibuka
Small and Mighty

Potted product in a translucent two-litre bottle top. The "trans" lucent lid means light can pass through the lid but you can't see through the lid. It does Not identify as anything else. The product directly drives a 5v relay without issues. 10A 250VAC 10A 125VAC 10A 30VDC 10A 28VDC SRD-05VDC SL-C. Used to make other very long strings of lights turn on when solar string light turn on.

LED Photo Sensor

The LED Photo Sensor work great in my project. Im glad I found it on this site.

Works Great

This little device works great, and very easy to install. I have a few more projects in mind and I am planning on ordering more.

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