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This tacky wax has very good holding power. You will find you need less than you think. This small 1-inch block will be all you ever really need!

  • Start with a minimal amount, a little bigger than a poppy seed
  • Work and warm the tacky wax between your fingers to soften it.
  • To stick chip LEDs put a small amount of wax on the back (unlit) side of the LED and push it onto your surface.
  • If your LED will shine through a Lens or a Window: put the wax on the front of the LED and push it onto the model.
  • LEDs will shine right through the wax without a noticeable loss of brightness.
  • And since LEDs do not get hot, the wax will never melt.
  • When cool, the wax is nice and strongly adhered.

If you ever need to remove the LED for some reason, you can slice it off with thread.

Here are ways that we use Holding Wax when making Projects with LED

  • With our surface mount LEDs (Chip, Nano, Pico, Z, and Mega) you can put a small amount on the backside and push the LED to your model's ceiling or other surfaces.
    Initially, this is a non-permanent solution like a sticky note allowing the user to test different positions without leaving glue in any place.  Eventually, a small amount of tacky wax will harden up.
  • The holding wax is a great way of tacking up LED wires that are hanging into an undesirable location
  • Tacky Holding wax is great for fitting an LED into an oversized hole or mounting a square LED in a round hole or a round LED into a square hole.
  • This tacky Holding wax lets light pass through, you can place a small amount of wax on the front surface of one of our Surface mount LEDs and press it to the backside of a lens or other clear material and the light will shine through


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Lance McCold
Good job

This is my first order with Evan Designs. I haven't used any of the products yet, but I can say that everything was as ordered and delivered promptly.


This stuff works just like the description says. It only takes a little bit to hold things in place. Glad I added this to my toolbox.

Alex M
Good but requires patience/steady hand

This stuff is pretty good, but it requires more patience to work with than I expected. You really need to have the wire fully run and prepared before working with this, as any awkward pressure on the wire can easily pull this loose while it’s still fresh.

I agree tho that the LEDs shine thru it with no issue which is very cool. Also I very much like the impermanence of it; if you need to move your LED or wire it’s no big deal to remove the wax. And it’s able to be reused.

Steve Hamby
So easy to use

This is the first time of using this, I was totally amazed by how little of the wax was needed, I had tried all types of ways to hold the wires in the past, nothing worked like I wanted, the holding wax is perfect and so easy to use, it takes very little of the wax to hold the wires in place. I definitely recommend this product.

Kevin Fitzsimmons
LED's for a large model ship

It truly is a pleasure to work with Evan Designs. I've just recently decided to add lights to my tall ship restoration.
I have already had contact with two of your employees so far and I've just started the lighting project. This is my first time dealing with LED's and both employees were extremely helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.
It is rare these days to have contact with a company that is so helpful, prompt and has cheerful employees!
I am already thinking about lighting up some of my past projects with Evan Designs.

Thank you so much for everything!
Kevin Fitzsimmons

Steven Goff
Quick fulfillment and as advertised.

Product came quickly and was as advertised. Have not used it yet so can't say how effective it will be for my implementation but should work just fine.

What you need

Easy and secure way to hold led bulbs and mini rectifiers in place.

Led clay stick

Gave it a quick test, looks like it’s going to work for what I need. Have not had a chance to actually use it yet.

good stuff

First time using this wax, it is tricky, but I am sure once I get the hang of it, it will be fine.

Not up to snuff.

Might as well use glue. This stuff just doesnt have the holding power advertised. Left it sit overnight to "harden" was disappointed to have it pop right off where I stuck it. Even smooshed a ton of it into where the led is supposed to go, and no luck.

hi Alex
I am sorry the wax didn't perform. It is cold in most places in January so at a guess, you needed to warm the wax a bit longer with your fingers before you put it into place. Also if your model you were putting the holding wax onto was cool as well, the wax might not have bonded properly.
We don't want you to be unhappy so we have refunded your purchase!

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