LED supplies: Because they won't light up by themselves!

    cr2032 battery holder
    cr2032 battery holder battery life
    3 Volt Coin Cell Holder
    from $1.00
    Wired Connectors
    Wired Connectors dimensions
    Wired Connectors
    from $1.00
    9 volt battery snap connector
    9 volt battery snap connector
    9 Volt Battery Snap & Micro Push Button Switch For LEDs
    from $2.75
    Remote Control and Dimmer for LEDs
    from $5.00
    Shrink Tube
    Hook Up Wire
    Color: Red Color: Black
    Kynar Hook Up Wire
    from $3.00
    Motion Sensor for Turning on and Off LED Projects
    Motion Sensor for Turning on and Off Your LED Projects
    from $8.00
    photo sensor
    Photo Sensor dimensions
    LED Photo Sensor
    from $8.00
    Smallest Coin cell holder for 3 volt LEDs
    Specifications on Smallest coin cell holder
    3 Volt Small coin cell holder with separate switch
    from $2.75
    AA battery holder with Switch
    AA battery holder - How many LEDs can it run
    AA Battery Holder with Switch 3 Volt
    from $1.25
    AAA battery holder with switch
    AAA battery holder how long will it last?
    3 Volt AAA battery holder with switch
    from $1.25
    Magnet Wire Twisted 50 ft spool
    USB Type A Power Supply Cable 8 inches 3V with switch
    USB Type A Power Supply Cable 3Volt
    USB Type A Power Supply Cable: Power for your LEDs
    from $3.75
    Black Push Button Switch
    Push Button Switch dimensions
    Micro Switch
    Wire Stripper with Spring
    Touch Sensor Switch
    3 Volt Adapter
    from $12.00
    12v dc power supply for LEDs
    12v dc power supply Adapter with jack
    Regulated 12 Volt DC Power Supply
    from $12.00
    Tacky wax for LED lights
    LED holding Wax
    Fiber Optic for LEDs
    Side glow fiber optic needs light to glow
    lit up side glow fiber optic
    Side Glow Fiber Optics
    3mm Fiber Optic Connector
    5mm Fiber Optic Connector
    Fiber Optic Connector
    fiber optic
    Fiber Optic Master Pack
    Miniature Rocker Switch
    Miniature Rocker Switch and wires
    Miniature On Off Rocker Switch
    Lighted Push Button Switch blueprint
    Lighted Push Button Switch
    mounting clips for led lights
    How the mounting clip holds the LED lights in place
    3mm LED or 5mm LED Mounting clips 10 Pack
    toggle switch
    Miniature On/Off Toggle Switch blueprint
    Miniature On Off Toggle Switch
    reverse switch, momentary
    dimensions of reverse momentary switch
    Reverse Momentary Switch ("Off" When Pressed)
    DC power jack
    dc power jack
    Screw Thread Power Jack Or Standard Power Jack (with or without Added switches)
    from $2.00
    Timer circuit for 3 volt LEDs
    Size of the timer circuit for 3 volt LEDs
    Timer for 3 Volt LEDs
    compact slide switch
    Slide On Off Switch
    Momentary Switch
    Momentary Switch
    from $2.00
    Panel Mount Push Button Switch
    Panel mount push button switch on and off positions
    Panel Mount Push Button Switch
    3 position slide switch for LEDs
    How to Use a 3-Position Switch for LED Lights
    3 Position Slide Switch
    9 Volt Battery Snap
    Evan Designs Gift Card for crafters and hobbyists
    Give the Gift of a Gift Card!
    from $10.00

    At Evan Designs, we believe each project you work on deserves the highest quality of products. Whether you're working with large-scale train layouts or a miniature model, you can count on our LED lighting supplies every time. From our Motion Sensor to our Remote & Receiver, our selection of accessories contains all the lighting parts you need. 

    Our selection features two types of fine wire for you to choose from: kynar and magnet. Kynar is easier to strip. This wire type works best when stripped with our Wire Stripper with Spring. In comparison, magnet wire is thinner and more discrete wire, which makes it fairly easy to hide the wire in plain sight. Along with premium wire, we carry a wide variety of switches. With the touch of a button, you can bring your layout to life like never before. 

    When you need hobby LEDs and additional lighting supplies for your project, look no further than Evan Designs. Browse our selection below for the perfect hobby and model light supplies today! 
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