LEDs for Halloween and Horror Projects

by Brynna Jamison
LEDs for Halloween and Horror Projects

Halloween is right around the corner and it's one of the most popular holidays with hobbyists and model builders alike. Whether your goal is to add a spooky green glow to a goblin scene, use orange to light up a pumpkin, or take first place in a contest by adding lights to your costume, here at Evan Designs we’ve got you covered with the perfect mini LEDs and battery supply options. In this blog post, we will go over some general Halloween LED light kit recommendations as well as share some of our favorite horror-themed customer creations for your Halloween inspiration.

Best Choices for Spooky Lights

Evan Designs proudly carries over 100 color/size combinations of LEDs to suit every hobby need. This number of choices can be overwhelming, especially for the first time buyer. Below are a few choices specifically curated by Evan Designs to fit your Halloween needs.

Flickering LEDs

Imagine a damp, musty room; floorboards board creek under foot. Something howls in the distance. The only light comes from a flickering bare bulb hanging from the ceiling. How creepy is that?

Our flickering LEDs come in eight color options and 5 size options including chip and bulb options. Our favorite flickering colors for horror projects are green, cool white, red and blue. Chip style is great for surface mount applications, while the 1.8mm bulb style is great for directional light or a bare exposed bulb such as in our example above.

Solid LEDs

Try out different LED colors for your Halloween project. Pink and purple micro LEDs can be a great choice, check out the pink mini LEDs in the Frankenstein model at the end of this article. Orange and green are classic Halloween colors that can be used to light anything from a witch’s hat to a skeleton puddle as shown right. We find that cool white creates a more eerie glow vs the comforting glow of the warm white. Finally, try out our blue colors for dark and desolate nighttime scenes. Our purple LEDs overlap into the UV spectrum and work well to illuminate UV paints

Lightning Circuit

No horror movie is ever complete without a scene of pelting rain and lightning cracking in the distance. Our special engineered lighting circuit consists of two chip or bulb style LEDs in which the flash duration, flash timing, and flash brightness are all randomized. This circuit simulates the randomness of a lightning storm and doesn’t loop or repeat. Try a LED Lighting circuit in ice blue or cool white for your Halloween hobby scene. Hook the lightning to a Motion Sensor to create provide a sudden surprise from your fiends

LED Lights for Halloween Costumes

Have you been planning your Halloween costume since last year? Are you entering a costume contest? Our customers have used Evan Designs hobby LEDs to take their costumes to the next level year after year.

Battery powered LEDs are easy to install into clothing, especially with ultra small battery options like our coin cell holder and small coin cell holder. These tiny batteries can be easily stitched, taped, or glued to clothing and light several tiny LEDs for up to 10 hours or more. They also come preconnected with a snap switch to tun on or off LEDs in your project. Check out our article on Gluing LEDs to find the best way to attach your small LED lights to power.

Red LEDs are perfect for the eyes in masks, cool white or ice blue single LEDs are great for wizard staff and many horror and SiFi charters can benefit from green mini LEDs in capes, hoods, horns, and cloaks.

Fire LED Light Kits

Green smoke bubbles out of a black cast iron cauldron. Orange flames lick the sides of the pot, bringing its ghastly contents to a boil.

Evan Designs Fire Kits are one of our best selling items and for good reason! This three light kit comes with everything you need to light a realistic looking fire without any heat. A flashing red LED, a flashing orange LED and a solid orange micro LED are combined in this little kit to provide fire anywhere it's needed.

Whether to light a burning building, heat a cauldron, or even light up the inside of a pumpkin, the Evan Designs fire is a simple and easy to use LED kit choice for Halloween.

Our Favorite Horror Projects from Evan Design’s Gallery

Blue mini LEDs light the night sky in this to graveyard scene.

Blue mini LEDs light the night sky in this to graveyard scene.

Green and Pink hobby LEDs make the perfect addition This Frankenstein model.

Green and Pink hobby LEDs make the perfect addition This Frankenstein model.

Red LEDs illuminate the eyes in the terrifying mask figure.

Red LEDs illuminate the eyes in the terrifying mask figure.

A cool white LED lights up this spooky ghost

A cool white LED lights up this spooky ghost

Happy Halloween from Everyone at Evan Designs

We hope your October is filled with lots of tricks and treats, flashing LEDs and scary projects. We love seeing your creations and hearing about your next project. Comment down below with the Halloween project or costume you’re planning, and submit your gallery photos on the gallery page at EvanDesigns.com.

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