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LED Light and Power Source Specification

Weight and Size Measurements for Use in Slot Cars, Small Drones or other Weight Sensitive projects. Evan Designs LEDs are very small, however questions on size and weight specs are commonly asked by our customers and hobby enthusiasts. In hobbies such as pinewood derby racing every milliliter and ounce counts when making the car as fast as possible. Due to this, we have decided to create an article dedicated to Evan Designs LED Specifications. Weight Of LED Lights Due to their small size, our surface mount Chip LED lights have a relatively low weight. Unlike the bulb LEDs, they do...

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What is Voltage

What is Voltage? Learning how Voltage works in a Mini LED Light Kit. Welcome to Evan Design’s Blog Series on Electricity. We thought we would dive a little deeper into understanding more about the electricity that powers our small LED lights. As you might notice all of our miniature lighting at Evan Designs comes in a variety of different voltage options ranging from 3 volts to 19 volts. Anyone without a background in physics or electronics might be asking themselves “what is voltage anyways”? In this article, we will answer that question. First, before we can understand what voltage is,...

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