Thunder sound effect
Thunder sound effect for storm scenes
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Thunder sound effect contents
Thunder sound effect contents
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Thunder Sound Effect for your Miniature Storm Scenes

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Add a nice thunderstorm sound effect to your miniature scene. By popular demand, the many fans of our lightning circuit have their wish! We now have a collection of thunder sounds on a fully assembled circuit attached to a nice big speaker to go with them.

This circuit comes with a double switch:
- AA battery holder with 2 switches with our 3 volt version
- 9 volt battery snap with 2 switches with our 5-12 volt version

With 2 switches, you can have the lightning storm with or without the thunder at the press of a button.
**Lightning circuit sold separately**

The thunder circuit includes our "Large" size speaker (see photos for dimensions).

The lightning and thunder will not sync up as each is its own circuit. But if you check the video they do seem to sync up some of the time and be offset some of the time. We find that to be the case in the storms we get here in Colorado. Check the video to see what you think.

Lightning and thunder are great for so many different scenes. Haunted castles of course, and hauntings in general, but also summer scenes and dystopian scenes, and even mystery and sci-fi benefit from a nice storm.

Don't forget your Lightning LED circuit to complete your miniature storm!
Lightning! Create a realistic storm in your miniature land LIGHTNING
Check out this awesome Frankenstein scene from one of our customers with the thunder and lightning circuits in the background!


"What do I need to run this circuit?"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Schulz

I wanted to delve into advancing my models to the next level but unfortunately am at a loss on how to match the power to the applications that I need. Evan Designs made that transition practically seamless with their great products, guides,and excellent customer service. They eliminated my nervousness and apprehensions. I couldn't be more pleased.

Ted Lopez
Great products!!! Awesome customer service!!!

Title says it all. Just made another order.

Mike Henderson

Love you he thunder effect. Found a way to have light flashes along the thunder.

Thunder sound effect

This provides great sound, With lightning, is an overall fantastic effect.

Great product

Heard about this on the model railroad talk podcast and decided to try it out. The website is easy to use and the prices are very reasonable. I have not booked it up yet but am looking forward to it. Only drawback is I wish there was a diagram on how to wire the lightning and thunder together. But overall will definitely shop again


Worked great for my son's halloween costume!

Works very well!

Paired with the lightning effects (two of those) on a haunted house scene in my HO scale railroad. Made a baffle box for the largest speaker they had for this and got it all placed. Works very well to complete the scene in that dark corner of the room.


Another item that I love, one of my best purchases. Absolutely love how small yet powerful and loud it is.


Great product— really nice to add sound to the lightning flashes—- thunder sounds good from such a small speaker and thunder sounds are random and vary

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