Small LED Lights for Miniaturists

Tiny LED lights are a perfect way to light your projects! Evan Designs LEDs are safe, easy to use, and high quality. All of our LEDs are tested for durability and brightness to ensure that your purchase will last for years to come.

Whether you’re lighting a tiny fireplace, installing LEDs for a spooky scene, or illuminating the rooms in your roombox or scale model house, we have the perfect LEDs and kits for you! Choose from our tiniest LEDs - the Z - or our biggest and brightest - the Mega.

You can’t go wrong with our kits! Choose the number of lights and we’ll match your LEDs with the perfect power source for discrete wiring and easy installation. Watch our videos below to see just how easy it is to install LEDs into your project! This collection includes our most popular kits, made especially for our miniaturist and artist customers. Light a small roombox or a bigger miniature, we can help!

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    micro LEDs
    micro LEDs colors
    Color: Warm White Color: Cool White Color: Red Color: Orange +4
    Chip Nano Pico and Z LEDs
    from $2.25
    Lighting Package For Scale Models Square
    LED Sizes
    Warm White Cool White
    Lighting package for scale models
    from $9.99 Regular price $12.75
    mini colored LED string
    LED Colored Mini String Lights
    from $15.90
    Fire Led Kit
    Fire LED Kit
    Fire LED Kit
    from $6.00
    Coin Cell Holder Square
    cr2032 battery holder battery life
    3 Volt Coin Cell Holder
    from $1.00
    Welding Group
    Welding simulator picture
    Welding LED Kit
    from $6.00
    Kynar Wire Square
    Kynar Wire for Connections
    Color: Red Color: Black
    Kynar Wire for Connections
    from $3.00
    Shrink Tube Square
    Shrink Tube
    Solid Bulb Led Square
    3 Volt LED bulbs
    Color: Cool White Color: Warm White Color: Red Color: Blue +6
    3 Volt Solid Bulb LEDs
    from $2.25
    Solid Bulb Led Square
    Bulb LEDs all sizes
    Color: Cool White Color: Warm White Color: Red Color: Blue +6
    3 Volt Flashing Bulb LEDs
    from $2.25
    Flashing Color Change
    Flashing Color Change LED
    Flashing Color Change LED
    from $3.50

    Shop for Mini LED Lights for Your Project

    The tiny mini LED lights available at Evan Designs cater to hobbyists and modelers but serve anyone with artistic imagination and a need for unique, effective lighting solutions. From diorama lighting in a museum to backlighting in your home, we have a mini LED lighting kit for the specific needs of your project. The design possibilities are endless when using micro LEDs for Craft! Take a look at all the incredible applications our customers have discovered while using our miniature lighting solutions.

    Our small LED light kits are customizable to your specific needs and design tastes. Available in a variety of light colors, mini LED sizes, wire lengths and much more, our tiny LED lights can bring a new sense of realism to your models or unique flair to any artistic project.

    The Advantages of Miniature Lighting Kits by Evan Designs

    For the last fourteen years, our team has tirelessly worked to create products and solutions for lighting miniature models and hobbyist crafts. Our dedication to this mission has made our miniature lights and lighting kits a leading solution in the industry. While using the mini led light kits from Evan Designs, you will discover the endless design opportunities and functional applications our products provide.

    A Mini LED Light for Every Kind of Model

    We understand the various models, dioramas and miniature scenes that hobbyists and modelers love to build. Our intimate knowledge of these projects allows our team to design micro LED lights and lighting kits that will bring life and realism to a specific scene. If you have any outdoor campfire scene, our Fire Mini Lighting Kit would be perfect for you. Maybe you are building an auto shop model and want to create a lively welding scene. We have a Welding Small LED Light Kit to create that unique ambiance!

    Energy Efficient Mini LED Lights for Crafts

    If you enjoy lighting miniature models and putting them on display around the clock, you do not want tiny LED lights that use a lot of energy, especially when they are being run by a battery. Our miniature LED lighting products use very power which saves you energy and the hassle of frequently changing out dead batteries.

    Micro LED Lights for Models That Do Not Produce Heat

    Our customers put lots of time and effort into their models and projects. These creations are special and can be very delicate. When integrating tiny LED lights into your design, you do not want a lighting product that produces any heat. Over time the heat from a light source can fade and melt your projects. As a result, our diorama lighting solutions and individual micro LED lights do not produce any heat regardless of how long they are left on.

    How Long Do Mini Led Lights Last?

    Our team has strived to create mini lighting kits that are unique, functional and durable. Based on our research and testing, our miniature LED lights can last up to 10 years (100,000 hours). We stand by the quality of each mini LED light which is why all of our micro LED lights have a free two-year replacement warranty.

    How Much Does It Cost to Leave Mini LED Lights on All Night?

    Because our tiny LED lights consume very little energy, the cost is almost next to nothing. For reference, the cost of running 1,000 small LED lights 24/7 over the course of a Christmas season was roughly $8. It is unlikely our hobbyists and modelers would require a lighting solution as demanding as that of Christmas. Even for those rare cases, running your mini LED lights for 24-hours or a few days will cost you mere pennies.

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