LED Light and Power Source Specification

by Brynna Jamison
Evan Designs LED Sizes

Weight and Size Measurements for Use in Slot Cars, Small Drones or other Weight Sensitive projects.

Evan Designs LEDs are very small, however questions on size and weight specs are commonly asked by our customers and hobby enthusiasts. In hobbies such as pinewood derby racing every milliliter and ounce counts when making the car as fast as possible. Due to this, we have decided to create an article dedicated to Evan Designs LED Specifications.

Weight Of LED Lights

Due to their small size, our surface mount Chip LED lights have a relatively low weight. Unlike the bulb LEDs, they do not have a silicone ‘bulb’ coating encasing the electrical components resulting in an overall lighter LED. Here are the weights of our micro chip LEDs with their resistors and wires attached. In the smaller LEDs the wires are heavier than the LEDs, so by shortening the wire you will achieve weight savings

Chip LEDs (see note below table)

LED Size Weight in Grams
Mega 0.2
Deka 0.2
Chip 0.2
Nano 0.2
Pico Less than 0.1 g
Z Less than 0.1 g

Note - weights are based on 3 Volt steady lit LEDs with wires attached. Other versions weight more like 5-12 Volt LED, flashing LED, or special effects LED

The chip LEDs are the best choice for a modeler that is concerned about LED weight in their hobby project. The chip LEDs are very bright for their small size and weight.

Bulb LEDs are still very small and their specific weights are listed in the chart below.

Bulb LEDs with wires

LED Size Weight in Grams
5 mm 0.5
3 mm 0.4
1.8 mm 0.4

Note - weights are based on 3 Volt steady lit and smoke flashing LEDs with wires attached. Other versions weight more like 5-12 Volt LED, flashing LED, or special effects LED

These are the weights for our most common LED sizes, however, LEDs with circuits attached, such as our Knight Rider Circuit, will have a higher weight due to the circuit controlling the LEDs. Below are the weights of some of our most popular LED circuits


LED Circuit Weight in Grams
3 mm 3 volt LED Strobe Circuit 1
3 mm 3 volt Lighting Circuit 1
3 volt 8 LED Knight Rider Circuit 2

Battery Power Sources

While the LEDs are relatively light, the power source can add a lot of weight to a hobby project. As you can see in the chart below, the coin cell battery is the lowest weight power source. It is important to note that a CR2032 coin cell holder can run up to 10 LEDs at a time and a CR1225 can run up to 4 LEDs at a time. It is not possible to run flashing and solid LEDs on the same coin cell battery on either of these holders. This is because the flash from the flashing LEDs will carry over to the solid LEDs making them flash or flicker as well. A workaround to this is using two separate coin cell batteries, one for solid LEDs and one for flashing LEDs. The weight of the two coin cell batteries with holders is still less than that of a AAA battery pack, the next lightest option. It is also important to note that the only battery option for a siren is a 9 volt battery pack.

Weight of Battery Packs with Batteries

*note all weights are for battery holders with switches. Evan Designs battery holders can be ordered with or without a switch, a switch weights (.g)

Battery Pack and Batteries Weight in Grams
CR1225 Coin cell with holder and switch 1.9 g
CR2032 Coin cell with holder and switch 4.8 g
AAA Battery holder with switch and batteries 28.3g
AA Battery holder with switch and batteries 55.1g
9 Volt battery, snap with switch and battery 52.1g
9 Volt Rechargeable battery, snap, switch and battery 31 g

More Weights

This covers the weights for our most popular products for use in slot cars, remote control helicopters, and any other project where every ounce counts. If the weight for a product you need is not listed in the charts above, please reach out to us at help@evandesigns.com or by phone at 888-764-2610. Now that we have covered the weights of our most popular LEDs, LED circuits, and battery packs, let's move on to specification on product size.

LED Sizes

Here at Evan Designs were known for our micro LEDs, and often our customers can't believe how small our tiny LEDs are. Our smallest LED, the Z measures just .6mm across, which is smaller than a poppy seed that measures 1 mm across. We already have an entire article dedicated to LED sizes, which you can visit to see detailed schematics on all our 9 LED sizes.

Battery Pack Dimensions

As you can see from visiting the preceding article all of our LEDs are very small, the largest only measuring 5 mm across, smaller than a green pea, which measures ~8 mm across. The factor that adds significant size when lighting your hobby projects is battery power sources and battery packs. The coin cell battery again is the smallest option in projects where size is of importance. Refer to the information about battery power sources above to see the compatibility of running different types of LEDs on the same coin cell battery.

Battery Pack Dimensions
Battery Pack Dimensions in Inches or MM
CR1225 Coin Cell Holder 15mm x 20mm x 5mm H
Cr2032 Coin Cell Holder .73 L in x .93 H in x .24 W in
AAA Holder 2.1 in x .95 in x .52 in
AA Holder 2.3 in x 1.27 in x .6 in

Siren Specifications

The final product specifications we will cover in this article are that of Evan Designs Sirens and sound chips. At Evan Designs, we carry 5 different siren options for hobby projects. A siren can be a great addition to any car or remote-operated aircraft. As mentioned previously, the only battery source compatible with Evan Designs Sirens is the 9 volt battery, whose dimensions and weights can be found in the charts above. Below are the dimensions and weights of all the siren sizes carried by Evan Designs.

siren specifications

Siren Weights

Siren Size Siren Weights in Grams
Standard 8.5
Medium 13
Large 24
Jumbo 187

Siren Dimensions

Siren Size Siren Diameter in Inches
Standard 1.4
Medium 2
Large 3
Jumbo 4

Final Weigh-In

We have not included the weight and dimensions of all our switches, sensors and circuits so feel free to contact us with any additional product specifications sizes. As always thank you for reading and please comment below with ideas that you would like to see in future articles.

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