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Wiring LEDs 101

Connecting Evan Designs LEDs to power, adding additional wires, wiring switches, and more. How do I wire my mini LEDs? This is one of the most commonly asked questions at Evan Designs. In this article you will learn everything you need to know and more about wiring our mini LEDs in your project. Whether your goal is to wire 1 chip LED in a diecast police car or 100 MEGA LEDs for dollhouse lighting, following the simple steps below will ensure your modeling success. 1. Choose a Power Source In order to light your LED project, you will need a...

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Soldering 101- How to Solder Micro LED Lights

Here at Evan Designs, our mini hobby LEDs come pre-soldered with resistors and wires attached. This is an easy solution that allows you to install your battery powered LED light kits immediately in your hobby projects. Hooking up pre-wired Evan Designs LED doesn’t require soldering skill, in fact if you review our LED hookup recommendations you will see no reference to soldering. However, for some special projects or for those of you who are interested in electricity and soldering this article will go over the process used to create all of our micro LEDs at Evan Designs. Soldering is a process...

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