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Cool and Warm  White Mega LED Lights
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Our brightest LED yet! The mega is a great choice for whole room or whole building lighting.

They are small, compact, and flat for easier mounting. And very very bright!
5mm x 5mm by 2mm thick.

We have taken these SMD Chip style LEDs and taking care with tolerances, added 8 inches of red and green superfine magnet wire.

Get these chips already wired, tested, guaranteed, and fully ready to connect to your power supply. No resistors need to be added, we have done that part!


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Room Lighting
Accent Lighting

Choose your power supply, we have LEDs set up with correct resistors for

  • 3 volt DC
  • 5-12 volt DC
  • 7-19 volt AC/DC/DCC

"What do I need to run these?"

How many can run at once?

Using a 3 volt AAA holder you can run 1-20 megas
Using a 9 volt battery snap/switch you can run 1-20 of the chips.
Using a 12 volt 1 Amp supply is also 20 chips, no need to turn off.
Using your own power?
The Megas draw more than any of our other LEDs, close to 40 milliamps each. So check your power supply to see how many milliamps it lists. A 1000 milliamp supply can run 25 Megas, but likely you will not need that many!

can the Mega LEDs be run along with other LEDs from the same battery or power supply?

Yes the Megas can be run right alongside all of the other sizes of LEDs on the same power supply.

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