High Bright Mega Flash

High Bright Mega Flash
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We have flashing megas! These flash mega are super high brightness when you want to see the flash from a long distance.  These are a great light for keeping track of your drone when flying either day or night. Get a unique color to distinguish your drone from others. Have a look at the video to see how these will look.

 We added flash circuitry to the end of the wires to make these mega flash.  We have fast flash strobe (approx 2.5x per second) and normal flash (about 1-1 1/2 times a second).  You can see the relative speeds in the video.

They come with the right resistor for 5-12 volt battery or adapter.  Or with a resistor for 3 volt.  If your drone is 3.7 volts order the 3 volt drone, and at checkout there is a place for comments, add a comment that you need the Flash Mega for 3.7 volts.  Choose your color and voltage in the cart above.


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