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Mini Welding LED Light Kits

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Welding is a common sight in Railroad repair sheds, automotive garages, military installations, and many other industries.  This welding simulator will let you add a realistic detail to your miniature dioramas and scenes.

Go ahead and add a lively welding scene to your Diorama!

Welding simulator effect kit is a combination of 3 LEDs: 2 Flashing White and 1 Solid Blue. No circuit board needed!

Welding Simulator Product Options:
  • Voltage Choose between 3V, 5-12V DC and 7-19 Volt AC/DC/DCC
  • with 3 Volt & 5-12 Volt you can add an Optional Battery holder & switch

Which Welding Simulator Set up is best for me?

DC Welding LED Kit

Use this DC Welding Kit with any 9 Volt battery

Or our 12 volt wall adapter, or your own 5-12 volt regulated DC supply. Add our Strap/Switch to cart along with your welding.
A 9V battery powers these lights for about 40 hours, then you need to add a fresh battery.

For a more permanent hook-up, you can run these lights with our regulated 12V DC wall adapter.

Welding LED Kit

AC/DC Welding LED Kit

Model Railroaders and Miniaturist use your existing power source:

  • your AC track power
  • DCC track Power
  • AC or DC train accessory outlet
  • or 7-12V unregulated AC or DC adapter.

repair shop

"What do I need to run these?"

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

Don't forget to grab extra wire or on/off switches!

"Love your Welding LED's. We've been making [award winning] scratch built & kit bashed structures for many O Gauge Railroading forum members for some time. Even had a few of the structures in the Oguage Railroading Magazine. This order is for a customer that is going to have another article in the magazine. Keep up the great work!"

Mark and Maria Award Winning Builders MMScaleStructures

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