LED Light Flasher Videos

Red Blue Flasher for Diecast Emergency Vehicles and More!

High Intensity LED Flashing Effects with Flashing Super Bright Mega LEDs

High Intensity LEDs Flashing Effects with Flashing Super Bright Mega LEDs

We’ve gotten our high visibility Megas to flash. What we did is add a very small circuit to the Mega to help the bulb flash. We have these flashers in normal flash or fast flash, and we have them set up to run on 3 volt batteries or 9 volt batteries. These are very high visibility lights so they are excellent for where you need to see something at a distance.

Water Tower Flasher - Extra Slow Flashing LED Warning Light

Separated LEDs for Creative Builds

Separated LEDs for Creative Builds

Sometimes you need a separated circuit because you’re going to bring the LED down from the top. This LED has no resistor in the wire and the wire is nice and fine. We have this circuit that lets this run on 7 to 19 volt AC, DC, or DCC separately. So you can buy your LEDs this way and you can bring the LED down and then attach it to the circuit. You’ll notice that the circuit has 2 black wires, these wires connect to AC or DC 7 to 19 volt. On the other end of this circuit, you’ll notice there’s a red wire and a black wire, and these wires are shorter also. So when you finish getting the LED where you want it, you can attach the red wire to the red wire and the black wire to the black wire and then attach the power. You’ll notice that we’ll also give you a shrink tube. It’s a good idea to shrink tube your connections to make them more solid, and also protect them from shorting. So you’d want to put this on before you start. You can solder the wire or you can just twist it really firmly. If you’re not moving your project around, it’s good enough just to twist really firmly because then you’re going to shrink tube after this as well. Then you’ll bring your shrink tube up to complete the connection, and you’ll notice I have black to black and I’ll connect red to red. The 2 wires on this side are both black and both longer. You can get this separated circuit with an 8-inch wire on the LED or you can get, if you have a larger project, you can get a 14-inch wire on the LED before the connection. This connection is about 3 inches of wire here too, so this will give you about 17 inches total. You can also get this circuit with our smaller surface mount or chip LEDs. Here is a chip and the same thing, this has a red wire which will connect to the red wire and then it has a dark green wire and this wire will connect to the black. You can get these chips as well and you can also run several LEDs to one circuit. We recommend up to 4, after that, the lights will start to get a little bit dimmer. In the range 1 to 4 you shouldn’t see any significant change in brightness. This is our separated circuit.

Decorative Flashing Colored LED Strings for Models

Decorative Flashing Colored LED Strings for Models

These are our flashing colored light strings. You can see that we have them in the Chip size and then we also have the smaller Nano size. They come in 26 light, these are the 26 light strings and we also have 12 light strings. You can see they have a nice flash pattern, it’s not too fast. They make great decorating items. We have them for 3 volts, and we include with it either the AA holder for the 26 string or a AAA holder for the shorter 12 string. We also have them for our transformers from 12 to 19 volts. Because these are so popular, we recently came out with warm white flashing strings. You can see it’s the same idea, we have 26 light string and 12 light string. We have the bigger Chip and then we also have the very small Nano. You can see the wires are quite fine and the lights are very small.

This mini LED pulses and looks like it is Breathing! Cool special effect for your LED Hobby Project

Color Changing LED

Introducing the chip

Beginning with Chip LEDs

Flickering Miniature LEDs - 7 Colors - 3 Sizes

Flickering miniature LEDs – 7 colors- 3 sizes

Flickering is a great effect for all sorts of models and hobby projects. We started with flickering orange, but we now have flickering in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, warm white, and cool white. We’ve also added new sizes, we now have flicker in one of our smallest LEDs, the Pico, and we have flicker in our brightest LED, the Mega.

Mini LEDs that flash together for a synchronized Flash using a tiny circuit

LED Set Installed in a 1 43 Diecast Police Car

Easy Die Cast Modification

Light Your Model Rail Layout