Flashing LEDs for AC DCC

Universal Flashing LEDs for transformers
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These Super Bright Flashing LEDs come Fully Assembled shrink tubed, wired and ready to use with 8 inches of insulated wire after the rectifier. Connect these LEDs to any track power source: AC DC or DCC. They will work great with 5-19 Volts of Power. These Flashing LEDs don't need a circuit board, and look great as end of train devices, on Maintenance of Way vehicles, as Oscillating Headlights, on Die Cast Emergency Vehicles, warning flashers, and more!

Choose Your Flash Rate!

Fast Flash
These flashing LEDs are great for when a really fast flash is desired, as on modern Police, Fire, Ambulance, and all other emergency vehicles, and great for emergency situations and scenes.

A big thank you to our friends at the Greeley Freight Station Museum for this video. GFSM used our fast flash 1.8mm LEDs to bring this HO scale Fire Fighting Scene to life!

Normal Flash
Normal Flash Rate: This is a nice flash rate for maintenance vehicles, trains, EOT, warning flashers or bridges, radio towers, classic era police cars, and more! uses.

On this truck, the lens was removed and a yellow flasher inserted. If you like the light colored in the "off" phase as well, simply paint with a light coat of enamel.

flasher for model trains

Or Check out a much slower flash Slow Red LED for flasher, towers, water

With a super compact full wave Bridge Rectifier for "always on" forward and reverse operation, a capacitor, and a dropping resistor, these LEDs are ready for years of use. In fact, we Guarantee it! See the rectifier unit up-close!

Our Flashing Cool White LED has a cool, almost bluish cast, like newer headlights. Our flashing Warm White LED has a softer more yellowish color like old style trains.

Also check out our Emergency Vehicle Lights already set up for your 1:43 Police Cars

Don't Forget Hook-Up wire! We have 25ft spools for only $3.00

Contact Us for more options, we may be able to help!

Visit our Gallery to see examples of LEDs in Model Train uses.

Questions about LED's? See if they are answered here!

"Got my first order this week and I do not know why I did not start adding leds sooner. This mornimg I added blinking red leds to the rear of cabooses and some Williams engines what a difference"

==Tom, PA

"I received my order and all was as expected...I wanted to tell you how quite pleased I am with the results of 2 of the items I got. One is the slow flasher LED for the water tower. I put this in the Lionel Water Tower and the difference is nite and day. An amazing improvement, they all should have your product installed in them. And second, is the flashing LED, 3mm, I put this in a caboose which had a regular LED and now the caboose has a flashing marker which is a real eye catcher. All the manufactures should use your product. Who knows, maybe it would improve their sales...I will be getting more of your products. Simply the BEST!!"

==Martin MI

"I finally got around to testing your lights I purchased from you recently. They are just PERFECT! I will consider what I require for the rest of my projects and place another order. I am very pleased with the outcome of this purchase. Thanks!"

==Jeff ON

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