Slow Warning Flashers
Slow Warning Flashers

AC/DCC Warning Beacon for your Model Train Layout

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These Super Bright Slow Flashing LEDs come Fully Assembled and ready to use with your track power.

Extra wire! There is 14" of wire between the bulb and the electronic unit. 3" of wire after. This lets you put the bulb in place by pushing it up through the bottom of your water tower, radio tower, bridge abutment, building, or other structure. No need to take the roof off!

These Warning Beacon Flashing LEDs come fully pre-assembled and look great on Water Towers, Smoke Stacks and Bridges, Electrical Transmission Towers, or Radio Towers.

slow flash  This is a nice slow flash rate for many warning beacon uses.

Connect these LEDs to any track power source: AC DC or DCC, or connect them to a battery or 12V wall adapter. They will work great with 7-19 Volts of Power.

If you are going to cut the wires and fish the bulb down from the top:
  • Cut one wire short and wire one long so you cannot mix up when putting it back together.
  • Even more important, you cannot cause a short circuit even if you forget or miss-apply your shrink tube. The connections cannot physically touch each other if cut that way!
  • After threading the wire through your structure, make your re-connect farther away from structure.

If you need more wire for bigger structures splice in some hook up wire. 25ft Spools of Kynar

See faster flash rates in DC and AC/DCC options, or our 3 flash warning for radio towers.

Contact Us for more options, and for larger volume orders.

Visit our Gallery to see examples of LEDs in use.

Our LEDs are Guaranteed to stay lit for 2 years with free replacement!

"What do I need to run these?"

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